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A Cupful Of Courage (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
A Struggle For Freedom...
Always Has Informants

Travel, to the brown ants, was insistent, energetic and flowing. At
once, Myrrh coughed nervously, a habit whenever she was under
pressure. Peering down at the insects coursing along the low
concrete wall she sat on had been a diversion. For a short while
she thought about something other than cigarettes. The summer
afternoon's nagging reminder was in fact the curling odor of the
tobacco sticks from nearby.  Men stood trading the neighborhood
gossip, raucously laughing after a half whispered conversational
nugget, on the corner near her trash laden resting place. It was
alcohol she could use right then.


Recently, five or six women, like Myrrh but passionate to a greater degree
about the cause, had introduced an idea of unbreakable allegiance.
Loyalty to the cause was actually declared after internal
weaknesses had almost torn the group apart. The mission to reform
from within starting with the core committees shocked the
leadership, which was more used to purges than principled surges.

By the time that the old guard had gotten wind of the honesty of
especially C. Zetta Hawkes, there was a move afoot for the door. A
sober challenge to the leadership of the group was certainly, for
eyes that could truly see, enough to brush off the charisma and
flashy repetition of doctrine thundered down from on high.

Forms Change...
Modus Operandi Remains The Same

Like the ants who raced one another to an unseen nest to prove
their solidarity, a contest to acclaim that the women were right grew
legs among the general membership which had climbed to almost eighty
card carriers. In a few days, a halo was going to be tarnished.
Hawkes would herself be accused of wrongdoing.

But all that Myrrh could see in her agitated mind's fuzzy state was
a cigarette, in her long brown fingers, tapped to activate
something electronic in the package. The latest meeting was a brief one and
she had gotten what she needed from the recording. The rest was committee notes gotten when no one was looking. Within seconds, she knew she had five thousand dollars
and an airplane ticket to the east coast.

The hand-over of documents to the Feds just days later was the easy
part. It seemed that way at the time.

Now she was grinding away the time in a new city, trying to make sense of her life.
She sweated, droplets almost blocking the way of the ants at
her feet before they evaporated on the steaming pavement.
Destroying the organization made her shiver despite the sun's heat.

Worse, in a half hour, she had a new group to worm into.

31 July 2014
From Exile,

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Darth The Invader And Other California Legends (Exile 2007)

"...About 33 years ago, an American judge ordered some audio tapes released to his court.

And two weeks later, Richard Nixon, the president who had been secretly sending teams of men to spy on opponents in Washington, resigned.

Much is made of the Watergate (hotel) burglary of three decades past. Films, books and every now and then an elderly White man's death brings back a recounting of an era of open political manipulation. Most references to African American people and Watergate stop with Frank Wills, who never got a pension though he was the security guard one midnight who found the recordings in an office..."


Mauro's London Pt2 (Exile 2013)

"...A half century before Mauro Demetrio was born, there
were intense restrictions against African people, indeed all nonWhite
people coming to live in London. This, as policy, was challenged by the
people in the 1950s all the way into the 1980s: street action in history
mark the battles, from Notting Hill to Broadwater Farm


Dispatch, Prison Nation #7

"...These illegal transfers of US Political Prisoners, when done without notice to family, supporters and even legal counsel are termed 'ghosting' or 'being ghosted'. By disrupting the visits, donations for canteen (snacks essential because of poor food, healthcare items such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc), support networks, deliberately losing or destroying personal effects (including legal files) the 'ghosted' prisoner is forced to try and set down roots in a new prison. New situations, not the least enemies and prison informants and hostile prisoncrats often await the 'ghosted' prisoner..."


The Other Side of Guantanamo (Exile 2006)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
From The ExiledOne Commentary Archives...
More reports in 2014 are detailing the illegality of the American penalty of death on the legal and natural Human Rights basis
. The USA, boldly leading the world in it's horrid use, has belatedly started to note state executions and solitary confinement do not belong to modern society. Below, I have posted an article from 8 years ago on the national and international perspectives. Zolo Agona Azania has since been freed from death row and still needs support to walk out of Indiana prisons. Guantanamo needs no explanation.

The Rise Of USA Prisons Has A Context

Like the ignored "B" side of an old 45 rpm, the other side of the
Guantanamo controversy is the US courts and prison system and its
penalty of death. The men encaged on Cuba by US soldiers and
intelligence agents are by no means any less degraded, that is for

But what of the 25, 30 and more years that "citizens" and foreign
nationals, some mentally retarded or ill, that are held on death row
in the US states?

It's a shameful, cruel "hit" on the chart of Human Rights issues.

Institutionally taking the lives of people is a USA specialty. Other
democracies abandoned this, 50, 75 years ago. Even life in prison in
Sweden or England means 12 years or less. In troubled Ireland, in
recent times, no one has been held continuously in prison for more
than 21 years. Violence exists in these societies also. Yet the
state has not adopted the USA model, thousands of persons awaiting a
poison needle, gas chamber or rifle brigade.

Isn't this American practice a Human Rights violation?

It is hardly even acknowledged.

As the corporate media and NGOs worldwide behave as if Guantanamo is
the only outrage going on as far as imprisoned people by the
American state.

In a few days, June 27, Zolo Agona Azania held in Indiana prisons
for 25 years has an important date in court. Supporters explain: His
trial was filled with documented injustices including suppression of
evidence, coercion of witnesses, and intimidation of the defense.

Zolo's death sentence has been overturned twice. Indiana wants to
hold a third death penalty trial, despite the fact that key
witnesses are dead and important evidence is no longer available.
On May 1, 2005, Indiana Judge Steve David granted Zolo's motion to
bar the State of Indiana from seeking the death penalty for the
third time. As Judge David's decision points out, it is impossible for
Zolo to receive a fair trial on the death penalty, one that guarantees he
receive the constitutional protections he is entitled to, so long
after the crime he is accused of committing took place.
The State filed an appeal and all activity in the case is stopped
until the Indiana Supreme Court reviews Judge David's opinion.

This man in his early 50s was in his twenties when he was accused of
a killing. The person killed was a police man. The US president then
was Reagan. Bob Marley died. The USSR was not yet dissolved. AIDS
was not yet known to most in the world. Why hasn't the state of Indiana
been able to prove since 1981 that Zolo Agona Azania is guilty of
the crime?

There has to be a peoples' interest in the case.

And in saving a man's life.

One all the more at risk than Guantanamo, which at least there is

Flipping over to the "B" side might be a good idea.

Justice is a song worth singing.

24 June 2006

From Exile,


Support! www.prairiefire.org/Zolo/zolosart.html


Original ExiledOne Commentary 2006

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Ear To The Ground (Exile 2008)

"...I don’t, as a rule, speak publicly too much about my life in the 1980s. I may write even less about the days when I entered my twenties. This is for security reasons.

A little older now, I allow that these years are the time in which one feels invincible..."


Trick Dice (Exile 2012)

"...It's your throw.

We know well the blindside of corporate media war.

In exile, first hand accounts cast light on your sleight of hand.

On meeting the Iraqis, those still reeling from the former Yugoslavia, the
former Libya and the African Ground Zero, the Congo, there is no
wool thick enough to trick us..."


Cold Shoulder #2 Masks (Exile 2013)

"...The last time I saw Detroit, I stood with my wife and several First Nations activists, gazing across the water from Windsor, Ontario in Canada. We were all delegates at "Unmasking the OAS & FTAA". This was a Speak Out and Teach-In at the University of Windsor in 2000 and we were given a lift down there from Toronto by Dave Bleakney of the Canadian postal workers union. 'Free trade of the Americas was just one more 'political legislation' paid for by the exploited. The Organization of The American States was and is steered in too many unjust ways from Washington DC. We were exiles, from South, Central and North America, dissidents governments had no love for..."


Storm In The Hub (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
The Multinational Corporations and States Are Viciously Competing With Each
Other In The Globalized Frenzy Of The 21st Century.
Europe Is A Hub.

Historians Will Note
Truths because of undeniable results

The guns were put away, stashed and many destroyed. After all, 90
million people had died in Europe in wars from the mid 1800s to the
mid 1940s. That was the idea following the war, 1939-45. Ten years
ago NATO defense of Europe (75% of it's military 'protection') was
paid for by the USA taxpayers. How much that bill is today might
anger some people. Israel is also funded and the biggest economic player,
Germany, is a society where opposition to Israeli injustice in Palestine is forbidden.
Yet the fury in mid 2014 is job related: Germany's Siemens worldwide employment cuts are at 12,000, Microsoft 18,000 (Finland alone to suffer 12,500 Microsoft linked
positions). The guns have fallen silent in Europe but it has helped
to fund wars and the 'democratization' of those it helps the USA
attack. In the 2014 Afghan elections, of the cost of organizing
elections, just $2.5 Million dollars out of the total $129 Million
dollars was not Western money. Europe claims to be a hub of democracy,
capitalism and good business.

The Euro
Has divided people but is still valuable and in place. It's use has
also been stacking electoral decks in other countries.

It has been close to eighty years now since the idea that the state
could subsidize or pay all of the medical care, unemployment
payments and employment training and education, cultural quality of
life, vacation time for nearly all workers, etc became known as the
social democracy. This political entity and idea grew and became the core issue of the EU. Not all European governments participate formally but all cooperate to a degree, even 'outlying states' such as England or Norway. The sophistication of the hub was impressive. The European Parliament and Constitution came into being in the late 90s-dawn of the 2000s. Taxes in the European Union (more than 22 official languages) and other European and Scandinavian
countries are high, but it is obvious why. Issues like the Schengen Agreement, which
allowed passport free border crossings in numerous countries in
Western Europe beginning in 1995, rising arguments between European
governments governments about low wage immigrants (Africa, Asia and
Eurasia) and asylum seekers and their children and tiny growth in
European births started to alter the customs and the laws.
Following this was the 11 September 2001 terror attacks in the USA.
Europe never abandonded war and began a new upgraded agenda-this
time against its own population with the excuse being 'the rise of
Islamic terrorists' within and without. The hub was in trouble.

"Almost 70 Years Of Peace"
Yet Still Warring On The World
Above: An Ancient Cannon

Now, it is the middle of the second decade of the 21st century. War
refugees from the once highly praised 'Arab Spring' and any number
of global recession and post colonial immigrants, Ukrainians have joined other eastern Europeans, more are arriving across borders and filling up immigration
centers. The amount of money spent on 'Fortress Europe' via Frontex
and other armed barring of migrants has far exceeded humanitarian
aid to the arrivals. While the USA military presence dwindles, the
EU eurozone economy made up of unequal tiers of 18 national
governments quakes. The important import-export partner bloc called the UK
(though in less than sixty days, Scotland will seek some autonomy)
is leaning towards 'nativist' forces with little desire to
integrate with the EU. Spain, Greece, Belgium and Italy too, have the 'patriots' and
independence and autonomy issues, the most prominent being Spain
with the Basque and Catalan peoples to deal with. Naysayers of the hub idea
seem to be everywhere.

Weather Map For Europe And Vicinity

What will become of the EU in the storms to come? Currently flying
high compared to the USA dollar, the euro in 2014, the challenges
of the currency and the societies  are threatening high wind and a downpour
. Gaps between a Spain and and a Germany, a Netherlands and an Italy have never been
so stark. The forces which once tore the fabric and incinerated
populations are present. Fascism, observers note, has never left the scene.
Money squabbles in some of the richest countries in the world do not approach
what most of the countries (or even national minorities within the rich countries)
all over the globe experience. There is a storm, real and debated, hotly concerning

The storm in the hub will affect us all.

24 July 2014
From Exile,

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Judge Or Be Judged (Exile 2009)

"...The forces that propelled much of the stuff of corporations is taken for granted in the West and the places struggling to imitate the West around the world.

Quaking and bursting from pressures from time to time, governments and multinational companies, not to mention kingpins of finance from Bahrain to Viet Nam, make mobile telephones and Coca Cola matter of fact. A person can be judged one way or another for having or not having items that are constantly on a billboard, television screen or in a magazine.

The entire world does not revolve around capitalism, imperialism and exploitation. But the women, children and men that comprise the earth’s population have a difficult time standing against these bold powers, often unaware of their own collective human might. Not always visible in a time of automation, mass service industry and information systems that have mainstreamed human slavery and trafficking, the duration of the Industrial Revolution and its aftermath until the recent present relied on rippling or skeletal flesh and blood coursing through the millions and billions..."


Tickets For A Show (Exile 2011)

few years ago I tapped out an article about going to a movie. Reluctant to go, my wife and I had a good reason to refuse the tickets. The film spotlighted an American, was nearly entirely full of an American's viewpoint on America and the world's uneasy relations with it.

Agreeing finally to our host's gift, the film reminded me of how privileged all of us in the cinema are. In that venue in Bristol, England I was filled with a creeping feeling because the place sat by the old docks of a onetime 'slave port city'. I had one more instance to think of the crude benefits of dominating peoples lives-then and now. The trendy area was made up of snack bars and video game shops built over ancient auction houses and sheds were Africans were sold and transported like horses and cows..."


Thirst For Freedom: Ireland (Exile 2013)

"...Back when the Irish economy was said to be booming, there were heroin addicts nodding and asleep in Dublin's Temple Bar area. I suppose that the early 21st period was a healthy capitalist time. The expense of our simple meal ingredients shocked me, and that was after time spent in London and Stockholm. Drink of an intoxicating nature was central to Ireland. Other drugs, too. You could step over an addict and into a pub selling a pint of beer for anywhere from 5 euros to 11 euros. Somebody was getting rich.

As an exiled so called American of African heritage, the neighborhood I lived in was talked about by friends and activists but almost never did they visit. No tour buses passed through these bleak streets of the capital. The Celtic Tiger didn't set foot there, as far as I could tell ..."


Mixed Blessings (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Embrionic Stem Cell

Every year, near the end of a school term (Western calendar,
northern hemisphere) or the beginning of one, I usually have my say
specifically to graduating students through ExiledOne Commentary.
Mixed Blessings is my varied, quick notes on what's important in 2014.

This June 2014, I wrote out a short list of opinions that may be
useful in these times. It's also a form of mixed blessings, due to
the future that youth in particular face as they enter the 'real',
'adult' society with pressures of establishing an income. Securing
this in the climate of every kind of entity trying to take it away
is a task. There are immense challenges awaiting new graduates.
Becoming a mature, thinking, feeling person in a strange
world that craves destruction of this is no small matter. Here it is...

* Travel Is The Best Education

  A different society or unknown part of your society (city,
  village, urban, countryside, etc) expands viewpoints. There is no
  substitute for on the ground knowledge building.

* Read, Write And Discuss Literature

  Writing clears the mind, organizes thought, engages emotions.
  Read outdoors; as of yet this costs little and nothing but
  available daylight is required.

* Limit Chemicals In Your Living Space

  The generations (industrialized nations) have had excuses, you
  don't. Cancer and any number of neurological risks, especially to
  young mothers-to-be and their infants is wiping out the population
  like that 'apple flavored cleaning product' which eliminates germs.

* Earn Don't Burn

  Take a breath before using your purchasing strength. Spending aids, 7 out of 10 times,
  someone who doesn't have your best interests at heart. They don't care about your financial state, only your addiction to spending.

* Your Own Success

  Currently, the art of disrespecting others is all the rage. People are quicker to attack. Be prepared to defend anything and everything. Develop your own confidence and be calm about what your position is. Next, watch a new trend. Enjoy your success in life.

19 July 2014
From Exile,

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An Elder Passes On: James Cameron 1914-2006
(Exile 2006)

"...James Cameron wasn't like most of my "olders".

He wasn't even like my peers, or younger generational acquaintances.

Holed up in a Philadelphia Free Library booth a decade ago,  I heard his husky chuckle crackle over the phone line. Calling for support, moral or material, I was conscious of the ticking of the AT & T phone card I had..."


Market Steal (Exile 2011)

"...At the open air market there was a row of shoes that fit me. Every pair was ten euros.

That’s a ‘steal’

I am fortunate to have a grand total of four pairs of shoes, the highest total I have had in a good fifteen years. Thinking about the low price of the shoes here in Europe, how these might end up being given away or even thrown away, I went about my business. Impulsively, because I had a few coins in my pocket, I thought of purchasing a pair. But I did not need these shoes-rotating the pairs I have suits me fine..."


Name Dropper (Exile 2014)

"...Voltron Fellkins III.
I was laughing with my wife one early morning. I'd had a dream about she and I encountering a haughty young African so called American, about age ten or twelve. Maybe even less than I, Aisha has microscopic amounts of tolerance for people who 'put on airs'..."


Mumia Is 60 Pt2 Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

USA postal stamp, 1967
F. Douglass (1818-1895)

or centuries, Africans in America had as their greatest feat individually and collectively a goal in being physically unbound. Entwined with this was maintaining and growing in soul liberation, often the flickering critical flame burning quietly inside, determined to roar to life once freedom was realized. But a time came about where mere symbolism, a holiday, a stamp or a paying position glorifying that which oppressed many of the people was satisfactory.

Below, Read Part Two of Mumia Is 60.

Steal Away

Mumia Abu Jamal, it might be argued, was remote from captivity at the time of his twenty-fifth birthday in 1979. To the world's onlookers, his home of Philadelphia was where the efficient wheels and turbines of democracy operated. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, however, sat near the US courts and Philadelphia police headquarters (the notorious 8th street 'Roundhouse'), two locations every African so called American male youth and adult knew of. Mumia was living in no fantasy world.

His writing about the tension in the streets in '78 was integral to comprehending what was in the making: the elevated police state of the 1980s (Winston Hood murder by police in 1978) combined with the gears of the new prison industrial complex grinding up more and more young men. It was key to realizing that conservative forces were at the front against impoverished people, people seeking a way into new ways of living beyond the accepted mainstream (8 August 1978 Powelton Village attack on MOVE).

An actual White president of US South planter class background was supported by many African so called American voters. For the first time since the 1800s, these determined voters used their swell of votes to put into the highest office a US South born president. Before his term ended, Martin Luther King's birthday became a federal holiday. King's former lieutenant, Andrew Young was made USA representative to the United Nations. All of this table dressing, elaborately displaying what was impossible ten years earlier under Nixon could not hide the fact that the economic, educational, housing, health plate set aside for Black America was smaller than nearly everyone else, excepting Indigenous peoples. Inequality had only readjusted itself with the calendar year leading into the eighth decade of the century.

The decision, in stealth or not-only Mumia Abu Jamal can say-to steal away from convention and pretend, in the words of Malcolm X, that he was a diner at the table while without a meal, was Mumia's alone. He did, signalled by his freedom dash, something else.

Ask At Your Own Risk

At age 25, Mumia Abu Jamal was bright, a 'rising star' in electronic media. Grounded in the media of the progressive, speak-truth-to-power vantage point, he long ago had 'put editions to bed' under pressure of the USA intelligence apparatus (FBI COINTELPRO) as a Black Panther newspaper journalist. That was about ten years before his mid twenties.


It happens that journalists up against repressive regimes often find themselves in it's vortex.

End Part Two

16 July 2014
From Exile,

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Grade A Hell (Exile 2008)

"...This seems to be a world where too many have an idea pre- plastered on their brains.

Such is the state of African so called Americans, according to almost anyone I meet.

I’m not in the place I was born in. I’m persona non grata there for thinking and doing something about injustice. Still, the American economic and political giant produces myths expertly. It is to the point that people who have never been there will argue with me..."


Women, Prisons And Resistance, Part Two:
African "American" Women And International Law
(Exile 2009)

"...While there are many layers of lies in place in the USA about the rights of African so called American women, numbers don’t lie. The act of signing documents of internationally recognized standards of justice, such as the United Nations CONVENTION ON DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN (CEDAW) has been done by the American state. That’s the simple part. During July of 1980, the Jimmy Carter government, mired in the Iran hostages scandal, put pen to paper and agreed that women should be internationally protected from being persecuted for their natural gender. Today, infant mortality of Americans (Whites) is often nearly three to four times better than that of African “American” women, whose rates are similar to that of Malaysia..."


To The Big Agressors (Exile 2012)

"...To The Big Aggressors That It May Concern:
Wounds are one issue. Not treating them is another. In the course of your activities (build-up of arms) it's been clear that you have insecurity problems. Why else would you choose to group yourselves in order to move against poor nations, 'allies' like Afghanistan and Pakistan? When all the blustery sabre rattling is aside,
not even a slingshot in aggression against your goliath weapon systems has been made..."



Mid Year Bulletin (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Thinking Critically Continues

The midpoint of 2014 is here. Aisha and I are well and extend our solidarity to everyone on the ground doing what is necessary to bring about a better situation. Oppression is a word on the lips of many people. Even here in the place that benefits the most from it's own grand exploitation that is coming to an end: the Western World.

Wrestle With Goliath

Since it is those who bear the most weight socially, economically, politically and culturally that concerns me most at
ExiledOne Commentary, there is no pause in the work. When we are not engaged away from the computer in our own Human Rights battles, one of the avenues, for my own pursuit of the Self Determination and Human Rights we are all deserving of, is this blog. I take my ability to write (and have access to resources as a researcher and interviewer) to do something about injustice seriously. Since 1999 and the money from a legal settlement in Canada bought our first computer, the task has been to wrestle with the Goliath of ideas crafted by the elites. Effectively the complex has to keep us all blindfolded and stumbling into each other, accusations and threats aimed at others who don't see-but unable or unwilling to unwrap the blindfolds and see the real puppetmaster.

Long before the box with wires was common, the pen and paper, telephone and mimeo machine, the clipboard, microphone and bullhorn were tools used to cut a hole in the balloon of falsehoods. I spoke out - but speeches were never my idea of reaching people. I favored actual work. Still, a talent with words was a route to consciousness for a lot of people at once. I read three times more than I wrote. Today, the web blog is built upon past experiences in what is now called grassroots media, do-it-yourself media. It is not a crusade to provide the absolute truth or rally all to one ideology. Writing at
ExiledOne Commentary is more valuable in that it shares information by and of some voices not usually heard, written by someone who is an exile from 'Freedom Headquarters'.

Over Thirty

A little more than thirty articles have been posted so far in 2014. From my perspective, getting these done has been an accomplishment, given all that I have had to do beyond the keyboard. Most of the writing has been more introspective than usual, very few archival pieces and not many of my usual features. Eight or more articles, down from twelve each month, has been a challenge to produce. I intend to write more for the duration of the year.

Many thanks for the interest that you have shown. From what I can tell, views are coming in and from people with different reasons for visiting. I'm pleased that readers have commented and provided some of their own insights. I'm impressed that I'm being noted on the internet as an effective writer when it comes to persuasive essays, research and other areas. It's good to know the hours I put into certain issues, articles and series (the seven part Bass Art, for one) have drawn a lot of readers. There will be more!

By The Wayside

I see that once prolific blog writers and activists are falling by the wayside. They once had something of value to share and now if they have a presence at all, it is a feeble one. I will note that anyone, myself included, who has anything worth saying, they will come up against attacks of all kinds. Then there are the producers. I can view (most of the time I don't, though) name callers, the politician obsessed, government watchers and people and issues that corporate media serve up morning noon and night. Keeping energy going to formulate and express ideas is not the only challenge. Knowing that consistency beats quantity is heartening. Mass psychological herding is nothing new. It is at a fever pitch now as wars of the mind, body and soul plague the globe. The difference today is that though many admit this herd reflex is real, there is little, even verbal, fightback.

Exceptions, of course, do exist. Solidarity Greetings to the striking and organizing miners and their families in South Africa and all people in battle, dispossessed of land and homes, worldwide. USA Political Prisoners and the broad Prison Nation resistance keeps on inspiring!


If I can dial back a few seasons in memory, I remember people, young and old, flocking to turn on our nearest radios to hear a live interview of a giant of social and cultural influence during the 60s, 70s and 80s. What he might say or muse upon was taken seriously by us in the 1970s. I don't recall any political individual having that kind of impact like this back then. An African with an Indigenous, Asian (Filipino) and European background, the eminent "Hardest Working Man In Show Business", James Brown
(1933-2006), was often quoted, debated or analyzed for meaning. Part of what he sang/said humorously or in earnest was frequently not completely understood. Members of the thumping, driving bands he directed  and 'led rituals' in front of, could only support genius and figure out the rest later. HowSoAndEver, a phrase he used on more than one recording, usually during one of his 'rapps', has stuck with me.

That's the core of what I want to convey at
ExiledOne Commentary as the year 2014 progresses. I feel that my writing lends a flowing force, some resistance efforts to make Goliath fall. He needs to go. Won't you read, write a comment and otherwise aid in the battle? Are you doing what you can, wherever you are?

HowSoAndEver you can, do it now.

Resist and build a better world.

Many Thanks, Enjoy The Rest Of 2014


10 July 2014

Texas Pt3: Hear Tell: Houston (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Formed In Blood: Texas Once Was 30% African Captives

Twenty Fourteen and a half post July of this year will mark record profits for corporate oil in Texas. The storied days of the 1970s rush to wealth, captured for and still syndicated to a global tv audience via "Dallas", are gone. Transnational combines like dinosauric Exxon Mobil along with scurrying minor companies fracking county after county, are creating a new landscape. With few or no holds barred, despite environmental damage (poison clouds, earthquakes destroying homes) the cash reapers are on the loose. Research for finding of and refining petroleum has attracted an international workforce to a bigger Texas urban zone. The word is out. Texas is telling the world of it's success.

Frack the drought. Frack the livestock and pigs dying from it and viral epidemics sweeping the USA and Europe. Frack it, there's money to be made.

Houston is a top ten sized USA city (#4 in USA) leads 6 Texas cities in the top 20 most populous cities nationally and has recovered from 2007 financial problems faster than even Wall Street's base, New York City in the area of new housing growth. Slumping employment numbers for workers across a vast continental nation would like some of the income pie being sliced up by workers in Houston and surrounding Harris County. Up to $3500 weekly wages is fueled by a capitalist gusher there.

Black Gold

Mammoth Texas, historically with an autonomous streak within the dozens of USA states, has also been leading in another type of refining. Not only due to it's fertile population growth and geography has Texas been harsh in imprisoning African so called Americans in the recent past. Houston had it's first African so called American mayor in 1997, Lee Brown, an ex-police chief. The infamous Alberto Gonzalez, the Lone Star state's attorney general in the late 1990s, made his political name in this 'industry'. Executions mounted, of the poor and Black and Brown. Texas has more prisons than many countries do. Companies in this 'industry' carry on a tradition of working with governments just as private 'slavers' once did in Texas, before, during and after the Republic of Texas was an Anglo run entity following the Spanish domination. One of the oil heirs who grew rich from stolen land and oppression was a Bush, whose son and grandson became head of the CIA and president and president respectively.

4,000 to 5,000 Africans fled Texas for Mexico during the 1800s

In the recent past and present, 116 executions have been enforced in Houston's Harris County. Though barely one fifth of Harris County is African so called American, 50% of those locked up are African and close to three quarters (68%) of executions recently come from this group. All White juries and legacies of the Jim Crow US South linger and fester in hearts and minds, not to mention pockets. Profits rise to the extent that courts, arms, police, prisons, universities and corporate media capitalize on "Black Gold".

The quieter boom is in a resource valuable to Texas.

END PART 3 And Article

2 July 2014
From Exile,

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Texas After The Fact (Exile 2006)

"...From The ExiledOne Commentary Archives….here is a piece I wrote that refers to the holiday known as Juneteenth. I never got to Texas when I lived in the USA but I have learned a little bit from people from there and through research. This was written in 2006 when much attention was on the now little mentioned Bush crime family..."


Eyes East In 2008 (Exile 2008)

"...From time to time, every word is hard to figure. I’m shortly peering closely at the food contents in a store, sniffing and using my senses. “Products from the east,” I chuckle to myself.

That’s because the figures, the letters I am looking at are in Turkish. In a fragmented mixture of French, Arabic, Dutch, English, and even Turkish terms if I must, I work it out verbally with a shopkeeper..."


A Rare Peek (Exile 2013)

"..From the ExiledOne Commentary Archives…here’s a current article on USA prisons with excerpts from a lengthy piece I wrote about Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl eight years ago. Three years before that, in 2002, I began corresponding with him. He was in the Michigan City Indiana state prison then and I was in Sweden. On 'death row', Obadyah had a credible fear and insight into what many people don't realize is common in the USA: the penalty of death is used often and illegally by government to eliminate mostly impoverished Black and Brown men and women. From country to country in Europe, we got people involved to change the situation of  'the lockdown'..."


Project Object #1 (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Project Object is the article series of my dreams. The reason I label it that is due to a longtime desire to write about women. What I mean is that women can too often be categorized by and spoken for by men. That's got to be condemned. There are women in the world that are beautiful humans as well as the others with much, much less to be desired. Being a man, what do I bring to the table? Am I in no position to comment because I'm a man?  Does it make a difference what I say or write about women? All of these questions and more circulated in my dome before writing and posting Project Object. I've lived in as many countries as I have fingers and met women of all kinds. I'm married to a woman of freedom fighting legacy for over 2 decades.

"What now?"
Degradation of Women On The Rise...

Notes On #1

In light of a great insult to women generally, viewing them and referring to them as if they are not human, at best 'things', less than men, I decided to write at length. Few men are going to attack these issues the way I will. Then there is the view that there is something sinister about women and their natural, distinct abilities. As men, the misinformation and ignorance among us can seem at times unbelievable, in my opinion.
There's no need in holding back any longer. Here is the first in the series, titled The Staring Disease.

The old fellow was a self described charmer, had money in the bank but was lonely. After 10 seconds of meeting him, women had told me they would never want to be alone in a room with him.

"Introduce yourself!", he exclaimed when he met a statuesque woman in a public gathering, ignoring the fact that she was in the company of a friend. His eyes rolled up and down a woman's body, whether she was age 16 or 96.He could sometimes be seen in a frustrated moment, apparently confused as to either objectify or demean a woman. His sickness provided options.

At the entrance of his sixties, he's 'a piece of work'.

Terminal case? Possibly. Infectious? Very.

It's an absolute epidemic.

22 June 2014
From Exile,

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Stride Through Amsterdam (Exile 2008)

Amsterdam is a hub for trafficking children asylum seekers into sex slavery

"...What I didn’t like was the way the people hogged the whole sidewalk along the Amstel river. It seemed to get worse and worse the closer I got to seven hundred year old inner Amsterdam.
I like to step along at a good pace. I’m used to city walking. But annoying the shoe leather out of me is the practice of those who decide to stroll three or four abreast. Whether they are ahead of me or not, I make like a human wedge and divide them..."


The Return Of Kahentinetha Horn Pt2 (Exile 2011)

"...What came down last week, 21 January 2011 in Canada, was that "justice" meant Kahentinetha Horn and her lawyers agreed to a guilty plea in the matter. Concerning 14 June 2008, she has no criminal record entered in Cornwall court.

Now, who can say what happens when police stop residents and search and inspect identification at the adjoining borders of countries? Cameras and regulations that are put in place to allow evidence of actual situations can do so much. After a while, a group of police muscled the lone woman out of the vehicle.  In the end, bullying a Mohawk grandmother, twisting her arm and clamping severely the steel handcuffs is what the Canadian Border Services Agency did... "


Future Women (Exile 2011)

"...The medium of film is essential to African peoples across the world. That’s both simple and complex to the peoples themselves and even more so to others. In the days to come and the days that are here now, the African women are central to a healthy future. But that was what they were in the first place before a lot of issues got strange.

  In this time, it can be said that there’s information pollution, or PDF, prepared dream flakes. Let me explain. When a child can access again and again any image, there will be a problem. When we are (adults too) are permitted by society or forbidden to push the buttons almost twenty four hours a day, the impact of the image can be blown out of proportion or cheapened..."


Texas Pt2: Prisons & Perceptions (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

Wouldn't You Be Thrilled?

A grand ' Bush sandwich' plan by both the rough and ready and the slick and sly has resulted in huge windfalls of money and property for the super rich.

To fail to account for a pre-emptive strike to the brain and sensibilities is almost as bad as the injury itself. In 2014, the concession that the installment of Barack Obama was a pre-emptive launch to a new era in the USA is almost universal among the populace and political observers the world over.

"Yes, his politics...! But you should have seen how we danced in Africa when he won!" So said a Moroccan to me last year.

Not as Texan as much as prim New England professor-esque with a dab of Hollywood, California gleaming smile, Obama has continued to put the agenda of big business ahead of ordinary peoples' welfare. Welfare subsidy literally was taken from the mouths of impoverished children to 'rescue' Wall Street not long after the 2008 presidential elections ended. While the span of years extends to filter more about just what Lyndon B Johnson knew and didn't know about his boss (Kennedy) being assassinated in the same Dallas motorcade Johnson himself rode in, Obama continues somehow to reflect an image of a president unconnected to killing. But the inability to reign in some Texas sized military horses still in Afghanistan and Iraq some five years after Bush went back to Dallas has Obama in cowboy boot deep blame. Sending troops back to Iraq in 2014 is not something to build a legacy on.

"...All civilizations throughout the world strive to establish a boundary between itself and barbarism because the manifestations of barbarism are usually called crimes. But existing criminology today is too insufficient to  isolate actual barbarism. It is insufficient because even the idea of crime in existing criminology is much too artificial. For what is called crime todayis merely an infringement of existing laws, whereas the law itself may be criminal. There are many, many people who find themselves in prison today, standing on the wrong side of the law, not because they went astray but because the law, having been placed in the wrong hands, strayed from the right path. And that is why you have Mumia Abu Jamal sitting up there in western Pennsylvania on death row today. That is why you have Odell Barnes Jr sitting on death row in Huntsville, Texas today, waiting to be executed. In existing criminology, there are indeed concepts, criminal concepts. A criminal person. A criminal society and even a criminal trial. But there is no concept of a criminal state or a criminal government or criminal legislation. And therefore the biggest crimes of all actually escape being called crimes..."

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter (1937-2014)
speech to United Nations, 2 February 2000

Austin, state capital

Still, the world's people may be mentally blank on corporate-Texas state government prisons 'illegals' are kept in. Those whose descendants lived on the land now called Texas, tens of thousands of years before the Spanish, Germans, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Armenian, English, French or Dutch got there, are now 'illegals'. Countries that have been invaded by these Euro Americans (and truth be told, African and Indigenous people forced by poverty and ignorance also became soldiers) have been ravaged by USA Dollarism and now have gone where their wealth has been taken: Texas and California are two destinations. Even the closest helpers of the American intelligence and armed forces, anywhere from Central America to Central Africa, to Central Asia, should they dare to desperately join USA society, defying any laws, will be put into a tent . Tents hold human beings in intense heat at the 29th parallel, several low rent Abu Ghraibs that dot the Texas landscape. Imagine a USA state where prisons are comparable to Dachau, Buchenwald and Auschwitz and profits are made for this on Wall Street, the London Stock Exchange and other 'stacked deck' worldwide cash mills rich people operate. What USA state would that be? There are the infamous lock ups and their attendant systems of justification (not justice) but there is only one Texas, with 175,000 prisoners, from age 16 to age 92.

Texas has led the way in a shaky but struggling union.




19 June 2014
From Exile,

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Inverted Replies (Exile 2012)

"...It's twelve o'clock for us. The hour of change arrives 9 Jan. 2012 marking eleven years since the countries, provinces, cities, towns and villages of Europe have been home. Would it be more dramatic if it was 12 years? I'll leave that to the folks concerned with numerology. Either way, there are anniversaries that have meaning for political exiles. They include dates when finding relative safety was achieved. But plenty of other dates have come and gone. Even a decade ago, consequences of war, talk of countering poverty, racism, exploitation and government surveillance was seen as the chatter of 'conspiracy theorists'. That's what they called us derisively..."


Ancestry And Hard Truths (Exile 2009)

"...It isn’t a small matter, hearing others reflecting on ancestry.

If I meet a Pict (from an ancient people in Scotland) or a Mandinka (from a dozen West Africa’s countries) or a Berber (Northwest Africa) I get a clue of the continuity of their lineage. To some, it is a direct and simple idea. “Why am I hung up on race?” I am asked. Sometimes, if I begin to explain, I am interrupted by someone talking about slaves..."


Foundation Builder, Kwame Ture Pt1 (Exile 2013)

"...Self vs Collective

Just a few years after the later teen years began to fade, I began to nurture a fire within myself. What was stirring was not just desire for certain young ladies suddenly occupying eyespace no matter where I turned as a young university student. This flame restricted too much thought of the recent past..."


Texas Pt1: New Oil Power & White Hats (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

'Pre-emptive' privilege. Where did former Texas governor and former USA president George Bush get that attitude? The exceptionally large USA state, Texas, dwarfs Europe's giant countries, Germany and France with it's geographical margins near Zambia and Chile and has just about 112,000 square miles of land less than Nigeria. A populous 25 million (only California exceeds this USA tally) residents are sprawed across land the indigenous Hasinai lived on before they and nearly all other original peoples were exterminated, by infighting and Spain's invading forces beginning in the 1500s. Closer to current times, the mid 1800s wars against the Mexica (ancient Maya and other peoples who countered Spain) threatened the foundation days (1830s). Yet, warring has not ceased to be a Texas historical trademark. It was here that a tall big political and military outlook took root. This propelled Texas into outer space regions of geopolitics. Maturity of 'rough and ready' policies born a century in the past emerged in the mid 20th century in a varied form. Examining this poisonous flowering is necessary to realizing why Texas has a critical link in 21st century local and foreign USA affairs.

A Key Home of USA Aerospace Industry, Houston

Sam Houston for whom Houston, Texas was named, was a political friend of Andrew 'Trail Of Tears' Jackson and is a fellow destroyer of African/Indigenous peoples.

Following the period that put a Texan in the presidency, the New Oil Power had lessons it had learned. Wrestling matches with smaller countries at arenas called Suez in Egypt and Persian Gulf Basin in Iran had taken place . California, Texas, Pennsylvania were all states that had companies which had by the 1940s become worldwide players and had influence in the halls of government in Washington. War suppliers to the Pentagon counted millions and billions of  dollars. Across the world, the dependence on oil and gas had mounted in the imperialist war years of the 1930s & 40s. Passenger and freight transport in the USA grew to the point that gas stations and interstate highways became a fixture of 1960s life. Homes, schools, commercial buildings and factories fueled by petroleum derived substances replaced coal heat. Drag racing cars, trucks and motorcycles, not to mention gigantic rockets for the 'nation's space race' became part of everyday conversation. Gasoline (1 gallon or 4 litres) cost less than a tall bottle of Pepsi soda.

Viet Nam: Over 3 Million Dead

By 1960, the premier face of Texas and it's prominence was Lyndon B Johnson. What he stood for, despite the propaganda spread throughout the world by the USA government and society, was the furthering of the will of White supremacy. This is the commonly recognized fact of systematic racism, persecution of Indigenous peoples, African peoples, and all populations of oppressed groups that have endured marginalizing by America Inc.

War, in Dominican Republic, Angola, Viet Nam, Brazil, Cuba, Egypt and within the USA, most ruthlessly against the Black Movement for Justice, the 1963-1969 Johnson administration proved what it stood for.

Whether he wore a white or black hat is meaningless.


17 June 2014
From Exile,

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A Standard Below (Exile 2007)

"..It has been almost ten years since I began to meet with and interact with people outside of the USA. I have learned quite a bit. I pass on information too. Even though many people are intoxicated with US popular and corporate "culture" or they agree with US foreign policy as defined by the corporate media, often they have no desire to visit America.."


Daylight (Exile 2012)

"..The conflict that existed between the United States and the Black/New African liberation struggle particularly the FBI cointelpro low intensity counterinsurgency against civil rights, Black liberation struggle represented a specific era.."


Ghetto Prophet And Mirrors (Exile 2013)

"..As a rule, I don't usually write about too many current events. There are valid reasons for taking this position. One is that throughout the recent past it hasn't been sensible to do this.."


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