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Unique View of An African from America

See Food Diet (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

See Food. Eat Food.

Face it, most of us in the 'developed' world eat whatever we want.
It's a See Food Diet. We shouldn't do this.
It makes little sense from a health standpoint. But check the other reasons.

Do we see injustice? Eat it up or just leave it on the plate untouched?

In Mexico, the corporate media maligned nation next door the the gates of...well, not democracy, has been rocked by a thunderous change.

See Humanity

It's not the infamous drug cartels vs the state government that is being written about here. Not any wall.  Nor the steady stream of migrants (from Mexico itself but also El Salvador, Cuba and the Congo) trying to enter the USA. No, not the 'coyotes' who are getting rich along with American and Mexican officials on this human trafficking of helpless people trying to survive. It's not even the reported 1 million illegal immigrants, mainly White and sometimes wealthy, into Mexico from guess where?

About two years ago the farmworkers, led by Indigenous women, in the agricultural sector protested in lower and central California and organized to fight a six dollar USD wage for an hour's work. In Mexico, the rate is six dollars for a day's work! Beating off rapists, for childcare, against child labor and for the right to education and sanitary living conditions, the battle goes on into 2017. This largely (to consumers) unknown system of modern day captivity spans Central America up into the North American reaches (even Canada exploits Central American farmworkers). Paralyzing the octopus is not an option. Who do these people disrupting the commercial food chain think they are? Some people speak no Spanish or English, two imposed languages. But the will to be treated humanely has no national or cultural stipulation.

The success of 80,000 people, often wandering the continent from Oaxaca state in Mexico, against the multinational giants whose face is Driscoll's berry and fruit producers, in both the USA and Mexico, has captured worldwide attention.

This despite the See Food Diet populations willing to eat up a narrative established by self appointed conquistadors of the mind.

18 February 2017
From Exile,

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Birth Of A Worldview (Exile 2008)

"...Everyone has to do this, I suppose, examine the local and the wider world. It is critical for oppressed people to know who, what, why where and when of their position in the world..."


Citizens Of The World (Exile 2016)

"...Among other books by the author the position is taken (contradictory in solid international law and common sense) that Indigenous people and Africans are in fact national minorities due Human Rights consideration under United Nations laws and conventions.  This premise of course flies counter to and above the Eurpoean myths of a promised land, a land of plenty to be developed, an American Dream..."


Gruel Theory And Practice (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

Technocratic Era Lunch

The meat and dairy heavy Western diet is nutritionally depleting as opposed to the majority of the world's traditional food plans.

Before the hyper production of cattle ranching by Europeans in what would become the USA, (many who had fled famine in Europe) the earth's ecosystem and social organization generally, was agrarian. People grew their own food collectively and traded. In the wake of more famine resulting not only from misuse of the land but also wars of aggression on a global scale, the current path to meat production and consumption was laid. The Europeans in feudal crisis after crisis didn't want to survive on gruel, a soupy paste. Aggression on 'the new world' began. The elites, dominated by individualists, saw, in taking the land of Indigenous peoples as a route to limitless profits and no capacity for instability. Eventually the workers believed this idea too although this has been shaken to the core with the decline of the global hegemon, the USA, the collapse of debt and risk in the financial realm in 2008. The answer, at least in the middle west and west of the United States has been growing and smoking a plant, cannibis. Yet a push, on the same scale, to deal with better foods for the population, is lacking.


'Food Product Makers' Don't Care About Side Effects, Social Or Otherwise

The forcing of this and the Gruel Theory and Practice has undermined the physical, mental and spiritual health of impoverished people from Akwesasne to Louisiana to Papua New Guinea and Somalia for decades and in some cases centuries. It has maximized profits in terms of destruction of peoples by capitalists and the theft of natural and cultural resources. The technochratic era has begun: information and the idea of the rational will now subvert notions of morality. This includes the notion of democracy (each person has a vote which counts equally in decisions).

In the twenty first century, there are many challenges. Many are financial. One of the greatest is simply realizing what health, nutrition and protection of the self truly means. The battle to stop a new version of the Gruel Theory and Practice has become critical.

16 February 2017
From Exile,

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Nervine Foods (Exile 2011)

"...These are some nervine foods that make sense in my diet. Whatever can be done on a daily, building basis to protect and grow our health is essential.

No corporation and few people who have their hand stretched out for our money can care for us the way that we can care for ourselves..."


Hand-Out Or Hand-Up? (Exile 2013)

"...In those three endeavors (anti-colonialism, anti-apartheid and pro-territorial integrity), the O.A.U. was supremely successful while it lasted. Fifty years of continental unity did include putting an end to colonialism, mobilizing world opinion against apartheid, and preventing African conflicts from breaking up African states..."


Dick & Jayne (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

De Sotos, Packards and Lincolns Brought No Relief

Richard Wright (1908-1960) moved to France with a wife and two daughters and settled in Paris.

He had in 1939 tried to put down roots in Mexico.

Although he returned to the Western hemisphere a few times after '47

(filming of Native Son in '49-'51 in Argentina) he would never again set

foot in the United States.

"One man's Longfellow is another man's Diddley, Bo

One woman's Neruda is another woman's Grand Pubah

If we choose Richard Wright, find Jayne Cortez a delight

Why are you in fright?"


Defining What's Fair: Ain'ta Dat Good News? 

Jayne Cortez (1936-2012)  in the fourth year of the sixties was like her sonic sisters Betty Carter -and

Fannie Lou Hamer-  about the business of power. Her music was in the blood.

Still she told genius Ornette Coleman

goodbye. Her pen was on paper often in Los Angeles, pre and post Watts Rebellion.

This began a new time. Some said '64 was the start of a Black Arts Movement. 

9 February 2017
From Exile,

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A Candle At Dawn (Exile 2009)

"...When it comes to war, become violent-on cue. For the reasons you have no business involving yourself in, destruction of the enemy as defined by the system must be carried out. At Port Chicago, California, 17 July 1944, the threat of court martial and the firing squad intimidated African sailors and soldiers to return to unsafe bomb transport duty. After antiwar protesters demonstrated at Port Chicago-Concord Naval Base in California in the 1980s over the American war in Central America, Albert Williams Jr and a few survivors felt safe to tell their story of the injustice..."


My Look Back At '65: Gloria & Malcolm Pt2 (Exile 2015)

"...What woman, or social group of women were in the 1960s directing the social change that would force amendments, new laws and more, as Gloria and her sisters in battle were? A look at Viet Nam, Guinea Bissau or South Africa would have to be carried out. Throughout Asia and Africa women were leading the way militarily and as strategists against European colonialism which was up against the wall in the face of the freedom movements. But this fury had been building for centuries and this was no less the Cambridge reality..."


Not Yet (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Torn, Tattered, Not Yet Taken

Not Yet All In-Or Out

In the seven months that have passed since the Vote Leave/Vote Stay referendum across
the British state governed area (Cornwall, England, north of Ireland, Scotland and Wales), there has been turmoil. By hook or crook, the decision was made after a count of votes, to leave the European union. It should be noted that this is an island, with one other part on another island, Ireland. Financial and political ties to mainland Europe are being readied for dissolution. It could take years to separate  A rolling fear and political and economic of seismic proportions is ongoing. Even the ultra rich in this zone of high capital in the world, including those who could conceivably evade having their wealth jeopardized, have maintained that the referendum was not legal. They don't want their 'democracy' and their 'country' to lose perceived qualities. They want it back. The mantra has richocheted all over the West, indeed the world. It's as if no one remembers the history of Europe.

Still Top Tier

Ironically, the same has been printed, shouted, preached and by the 'winners'.

'Take Back Our Country!'

3 February 2017
From Exile,

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Nexus Pt3 (Exile 2015)

"...This attitude was
institutional in that the English Empire began a decline that would reach a peak at the turn of the century. The last days were during the war (1914-1918). As English and American governments had done, the slavemasters were promised financial compensation for 'losses' they had after slavery was ruled illegal. Africans in the USA and worldwide were determined, some like Langston Hughes' father, to live in Mexico and others to learn Latin and European languages, study European classical music to prove that they 'belonged'..."


Secondhand Stoke (Exile 2016)

"...I don't know her as well as I do him. From what I can tell, she is, for better or worse, an outspoken social result of her (like his) social, cultural and economic elitism in this world..."


Buffed And Polished Pt1 (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
If a moment can be taken to realize that perspective is valuable in examining historical figures, the 'hero' will be seen in another light. If you never touch, pick up and look at the object, you can't know that it isn't gold; only gold painted plastic. Buffed and polished, under the right lighting angle, even paper maché fools people.

A Whopper

Jackson Replaced By Harriet Tubman On USA Currency
In 2016

“Men may seem detestable… but man, in ideal, is so noble and so sparkling…
that over any ignomininous blemish in him all his fellows should
run to throw their costliest robes…. But this august dignity I
treat of, is not the dignity of kings and robes, but that abounding
dignity which has no robed investiture. Thou shall see it shining
in the arm that wields a pick or drives a spike; that democratic
dignity which, on all hands, radiates without end from God;
Himself! The great God absolute! The centre and circumference of
all democracy! His omnipresence, our divine equality!

“If, then, to meanest mariners,and renegades and castaways, I shall hereafter ascribe high qualities, though dark; weave round them tragic graces;…if I shall touch that workman’s arm, with some etheral light…then against all
moral critics bear me out in it, thou just Spirit of Equality,
which hast spread one royal mantle of humanity over all my kind!
Bear me out in it, thou great democratic God!…Thou who didst pick
up Andrew Jackson from the pebbles; who didst hurl him upon a
warhorse; who didst thunder him higher than a throne! Thou who, in
all Thy mighty earthly marchings, ever cullest Thy selectest
champions from the kingly commons; bear me out in it, O God!”To
such an invocation of Jackson on behalf of the democratic ideal,
one can only say, Amen, O God, Amen.
— Robert Remini, quoting Herman Melville in the conclusion of “Andrew Jackson : The Course of American Democracy, 1833-1845″ 

End Part 1

30 January 2017
From Exile,

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No EuroComa (Exile 2010)

"...I come from somewhere and that isn’t the America I was born in. No, it’s somewhere and indeed there are somewheres with stories untold.

I’m talking about Mother Africa and Turtle Island. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody, as we say. In my soul’s bones are the ancestral memories and the resistance energy from such memory..."


Texas Pt1: New Oil Power & White Hats (Exile 2014)

"...A populous 25 million (only California exceeds this USA tally) residents are sprawled across land the indigenous Hasinai lived on before they and nearly all other original peoples were exterminated, by infighting and Spain's invading forces beginning in the 1500s. Closer to current times, the mid 1800s wars against the Mexica (ancient Maya and other peoples who countered Spain) threatened the foundation days (1830s). Yet, warring has not ceased to be a Texas historical trademark. It was here that a tall big political and military outlook took root..."


Buffed And Polished Pt2 (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Part 2 of Buffed And Polished

Sugar Mill Burned By Seminole, Florida

Florida's Insurgents

Jackson was initially victorious at Fort Negro in Florida (hidden from USA politicians for 20 years to discredit the idea of White soldiers fighting an insurgency of the Africans within the Seminole Nation) in 1816. A red hot cannonball fired into the Seminole ammo storage by the Whites destroyed Garcia and his fort. This was a secret mission to root out the multicultural unity formed among Indigenous and Africans, prominently guerilla fighting ex captives and persuasive leaders, also often heady freedom fighters with no intent on being captives to the new American nation. Numerous victories were scored against not only Americans but Spanish and British militaries in the 1700s and 1800s, as well as mercenaries (called contractors today) and others. The fact was the 'American revolutionary' army, adept from success against the mighty redcoats from London, and other European forces would take 200 years to eliminate the skillful and politically astute Seminole. Natives or descendants of present day Senegambia and Sierre Leone, they taught the Indigenous people to farm rice. This Red/Black nation refused to do as other Indigenous nations suggested they do: separate the Afrians and then sell them into US South captivity, which grew the Whites' plantation empires of sugar and cotton. Some fifty years after Andrew Jackson had died, Florida had become a fully racist state and the Seminole massacred or forced onto slave auction blocks or the Trail of Tears.

USA Postal Stamp, 1948

As a former president, (1829-1837) Jackson lived long enough to hear of the USA defeated again in 1837 at Lake Okeechobee, 25th December. The Americans and their Delaware 'Indian scouts and fighters' ran in retreat as the Seminole sharpshooters killed all but one officer for Washington DC.

End Part 2 And Article

30 January 2017
From Exile,

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The Silence Of NGOs Part 2 (Exile 2006)

"...Why wouldn't we be treated as any other dominated group (national minority in UN speak) is? Whether the case of a people like Tibetan, Kurdish, or Congolese, the oppression and systematic genocide of African "Americans" is no less a crisis..."


Heart Seed (Exile 2014)

"...Africans and Indigenous people of many societies accepted or resisted the ill trends. Still the seeds, smuggled in hidden ship corners, in a sea cook's recipe, a woman's memory passed on to another before death at sea, had soil and soul reasons to persist in foreign environments, similar or strange in climate. Seeds grew despite intense hostility to life..."


Tendency (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Throughout life the realizations that occur aren't always noticed the moment that they happen

The matter of being grounded isn't the same for all. Not for all individuals and not for all social groups.

The common tendency to share, a tender notion more crudely called unity, unity of mind heart and goal, between father and a young daughter is one of life's pristine interactions.

Whether she is in need of advice or comfort in the mental, emotional or physical sense-or protection-if he is tuned in, father is the support figure. Internally and/or demonstrated for all to see, he too craves the sensation of being relied on, the elevation of a hoped for pride, a point of true satisfaction. It is he who knows how thoroughly she will one day have to determine, if she chooses, how and when to take a husband.

Look again and closer at the Africans in America, and one of the last ones to declared a love team, father and daughter. An overlooked tendency is on display.

27 January 2017
From Exile,

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Smile vs Acid (Exile 2011)

"...I got a nod and the laughter tumbled from one end of the row of seats to the other..."


Look Into My Eyes (Exile 2014)

"...Am I to accept this?

My nature, from birth, rejects the notion. Look Into My Eyes. It's my world.

There's no room for dreamers..."


Poison Bean Center (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
It's Our Day

T he rush to pollute the natural environment in the name of profit includes not only the car companies. This is a serious movement which has a criminally strong influence on the world. That isn't to lessen the harm done by those of us who drive a car which seats 4,5, 6 or even ten passengers--with ourselves as the sole occupant of the vehicle. We play a part.

You Lookin' At Me?

o doubt that's critical. We all, especially if we live in an urban area, are forced to breathe air that's unclean. Not very nice, due to nearly anyone being able to contribute to lowering emissions. There is the option, if physically capable, of riding public mass transportation. If fit enough and there is not much to carry, walking is a way to not contribute to gases and poisons in the atmosphere. Some of us use the bicycle to this end. Others minimize by using an electric scooter or other vehicle. Where to put spent batteries though? There is almost always a drawback to modern technology in terms of waste that damages nature.

How Deep Is Your Love?

We laughed over the years about an earnest try at supporting a Brother's restaurant, back in the early days of our marriage. But ultimately our review was a negative-"We're not going back tothe Poison Bean Center!"

What many of us treasure also is the idea of providing ourselves with clean water and pure foods; this is relative because most, if not all water on earth, unfortunately, like the air, has been compromised. We have to ask, what do we care about most?

When it comes to food, we can halt eating animals. Protein can be gotten from legumes. One, the soybean, has become big business.

Still the profit makers have set up production levels in a pattern known to be destructive to the earth, monoculture style.
To add to this highly wealth generating system (for corporations ultimately), the deadly genetically modified soybean production of capitalist and hypercapitalist governments and societies threatens human health. Indeed over generations, genetically modified (altered and changed at the cell level) foods can harm human beings. At the same time, critical farming regions globally are deteriorating.

Getting Into What's Real

Still, the profit motive has the battle for what we ingest at alarming levels of risk. So called trade talks are only a show, it has been found. Many decisions by banks and corporations are made in secret followed by the 'democratic dance' before the public.

It's not a tasty topic. The Poison Bean Center is a reality though. Below is a list of GMO producing nations which continue to enrich themselves and pass on the GMO 'food' to animals and humans.

Global Area of Genetically Engineered Crops, 1996 to 2006:
By Country (Million Hectares)

Country USA Argentina Brazil Canada China Paraguay
1996 1.5 0.1 -- 0.1 -- --
1997 8.1 1.4 -- 1.3 0.0 --
1998 20.5 4.3 -- 2.8 <0.1 --
1999 28.7 65.7 1.4* 4.0 0.3 --
2000 30.3 10.0 3.6* 3.0 0.5 --
2001 35.7 11.8 5.7* 3.2 1.5 --
2002 39.0 13.5 6.3* 3.5 2.1 --
2003 42.8 13.9 3.0 4.4 2.8 --
2004 47.6 16.2 5.0 5.4 3.7 1.2
2005 49.8 17.1 9.0 5.8 3.3 1.8
2006 54.6 18.0 11.5 6.1 3.5 2.0

*illegal cultivation of gmos: calculated area

Global Area of Genetically Engineered Crops, 1996 to 2006: By Country (Million Hectares)
Country India South Africa Uruguay Aus-tralia Mexico Romania
1996 -- -- -- <0.1 <0.1 --
1997 -- -- -- 0.1 <0.1 --
1998 -- <0.1 -- 0.1 -- --
1999 -- 0.1 -- 0.1 <0.1 <0.1
2000 -- 0.2 <0.1 0.2 <0.1 <0.1
2001 -- 0.2 <0.1 0.2 <0.1 <0.1
2002 <0.1 0.3 <0.1 0.1 <0.1 <0.1
2003 0.1 0.4 0.1 0.1 <0.1 <0.1
2004 0.5 0.5. 0.3 0.2 0.1 0.1
2005 1.3 0.5 0.3 0.3 0.1 0.1
2006 3.8 1.4 0.4 0.2 0.1 0.1

Info:  GMO Compass

21 January 2017
From Exile,

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No Golden Hour In California (Exile 2010)
"...Way out west, in the geologically carved Central Valley in the center of California lies a network not only of farms but prisons. Just hours north of Los Angeles, America’s second largest city, there is the San Jaoquin Valley, known for vast fields producing almonds, grapefruits, oranges and lemons. The farmworkers are descendants of  people nearby (Mexico and Central America) and places a world away, like the Hmong, who like the Kurds, or Sami call numerous nations home. In this case, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam...."


Plague Or Play (Exile 2016)
"...In the 'developed West' and 'emerging nationstates' diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and other ailments linked to industrialized meal choices, chemical and genetically modified food, to say nothing of stress of the 'best democracy money can buy', implants will also be used with signals being sent to centralized medical bases that can 'help when needed'. Who dictates what signals are sent?..."


Sing A Song Of Money (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

Two USA Coins Depicting Indigenous People: l. to r. Unknown man, Sacagawea

" One thing that keeps me puzzled, despite having studied finance and economics at the world's best universities. The following question remains unanswered: why is it that five thousand units of our currency is worth one unit of your currency when we are the ones with the actual gold reserves? It's quite evident that the aid is in fact not coming from the West to Africa but Africa to the Western world. the Western world depends on Africa in every possible way....It's super sweet of you to come with your colored paper in exchange for our gold and diamonds."

                                                                        Mallence Bart-Williams, speech TEDxBerlin 2016

For a moment once or twice a day, the sales people pushed past the others to get to us. For a month, during the frigid January of 1998 this took place while we recovered from what seemed a lifetime of USA government meddling in an apartment hotel near Toronto's Lake Ontario harborfront. When departing the temporary home and sanctuary, in the vicinity, when we dashed down to a convenience store and occasionally wandered to the big boulevards and streets full of merchandise, we got 'the treatment'. There we were met by White and Asian store staff eager and, apparently so pleased, once we opened our mouths, to show us anything we were interested in, with a special glee.

It was the US dollar's power.

At that time the Canadian 'looney' was extremely devalued compared to the 'buck'.  So, we lived quite well--for a time. Once the greenbacks ran low, we were 'economically Canadian'.


Woman In Oil Rich Equatorial Guinea: At Least Two Billionaire Women In Africa
Are Richer Than Oprah Winfrey Of The USA

The Last 9

Across the world, the suctioning off of finances of the ordinary people by the richest (one half of the world population's wealth can be matched by 8 of the mega rich, it's said) in the last nine years has caused serious currency problems. Call it the tsunami of financial issues: not only did this devastate the globe when it hit, it dragged out to the sea the wherewithal to get loans, dissolved access to insurance or credit, foreclosed on innumerable homes, cars and businesses and drained employment possibilities to earn for millions.

An increased billion or more people already who had the car, the home, the farm, formal job status or entrepreneur title as a distant dream
(India has multiple millions of people living on a few rupees a day) were joined by even more who 'fell to earth' because they had been in the running. Numerous elderly persons
had their lifetime reduced. They died. Children of the poor, working or not, died. As did the socially dependent as government or charity cuts finished them off. Tent cities existed before in 'giant economies',  England, Germany, Sweden and the USA. But now they became small towns. How these countries became so called Third World, however, is more complex.

India Grew Very Fast Financially.... Eliminated Certain Currency...But 250,000 Farmers Committed Suicide

Where Is The Shelter

In the West, currently, rage and recrimination abound. The sharp edge of laws and lawlessness mean little in the thundering storm of deconstruction. Capitalism is not evolving. It is broken and the ones able to demystify the issues are taking cover. Where is the shelter is more the song amid the din. When it comes to currencies and paper wealth in general, the arrows are down, down and down. Television programs teach the public how to clean out the attic and sell what's up there. Online or in person, a yard sale or in great 'grab bag' quantities, the idea is to scrounge up cash. This doesn't in any way diminish the Westerner's usual tactics which are fine tuned during economic low tide: xenophobia and racial discrimination in the West is headline news. It's a topic of elevated concern, too, in almost every country. When times are tough, the Whites who control the Western economy tighten up what is standard, using skin color, religion and more, not merit, as the determining factor when it comes to financial opportunity. This is a reason why betting is an obsession of the impoverished, selling drugs is permissible, as is pimping and prostitution, they have always been to a degree allowable by police and the elites. Making money to live is a reason. Escaping, if only during an hour's thrill, is another. Truth be told, these same institutions of so called authority have long had at their core child and adult trafficking, extortion and loanshark activities. Examining reality, especially regarding nonWhite people, the brutal taking of human life is draped like a shroud over the relations with these organizations during history. These institutions, including financial ones often do not exist in the public sense in impoverished areas, commercial powers also do not, or do not employ residents of these areas. At the base of the most marginalized of the social hierarchy, are theft, burglary and armed assault to settle disputes because of a lack of money and no hope of being able to exit the poverty. In terms of the White and also nonWhite working poor (debt haunts this group), there are slightly different obstacles. With the stress of not being able to see the skin supremacy or access to those with it, as an everlasting status, the paramount issue-while blaming the desperate actions of the those facing even more exclusion-is repression, repression and more repression.

Venezuela: Communal "Chavistas" versus Capitalist Elite "Guarimbas"

Those first few days in a new country, having left one we were born in, due to being pressured for doing something about USA society, were relaxing, intriguing but also cathartic. A new and international understanding of money, who holds it, who had it taken from them and why the holder is treated a certain way, began to be absorbed.
Our realization of where wealth as we know it is created and then explained by the ones who hold nations and people captive, developed even further.

In the West at least, the siren song of an old period has been sung.
What comes next may be scripted and also may be made up on a stage, lyric by lyric.

17 January 2017
From Exile,

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Wading Through Blood & Oil In A Skirt Pt2 (Exile 2006)

"...What of nearby Nigeria that had its Delta and Anglo-Dutch Shell workers evacuated when insurgents against US friendly Nigeria ordered the oil workers out of the country? Oil, the speedboat guerillas of the Delta swamps know, is not for Europe and the US to take at will..."


Malaak Speaks! (Exile 2016)

"..As did England's Liverpool, Nantes was 'enriched' by the captivity and trafficking of Africans to the Americas..."


Gladiators Of The Mind (Exile 2017)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
The Gladiators were once going at it because the aristocrats thought it would be holy to have 'less valuable people' kill and maim each other. Yes, blood sport was their Roman desire.

ROME, Italy

Gladiators of the Mind are those who want to use their abilities, especially but not only mental capacities, to free others. In the recent past of African people in America, consider two men who are/were Gladiators of the Mind, Martin Luther King (1929-1968) and Mutulu Shakur, b. 1950.

Taken From:  "Open Letter to Gary Younge"
(Afro-Caribbean Journalist to the UK Guardian Newspaper who likes to write stories on the advancement of  African-Americans)

The 'Black American ascent 'you point to is an illusion.  84% of White people in the US lived in racially separate, and by custom and law superior housing in 2001.  the median net worth of Whites in America is US $94,900, while African people have on average US $8,500 in assets minus debts.  Income of the descendants of captives from Africa is today 62% that of Whites, including new immigrants from Europe.  Nutritious foods, access to schools with technology to educate and a relatively unified can-do mentally hardly exist.  Non-white youth see no future, and are they to be blamed?  Adjusting for inflation, an African male worker made US $31,921 in recent years, actually less than the US $34,704 a White male worker made-34 years ago in 1967!

EO   "ExiledOne An African from America and US Political Refugee"
Selected Writings Volume 2:1 featuring Canada Part 2

As with all Gladiators of the Mind, controversy dogs them almost from childhood. Yet the brilliance and the quest for achievement in their field (liberation) distinguish them. The length and thorough trajectory to reach goals that most scholar activists fear are not only a usual exercise of the elite Gladiator of the Mind, the worry is why they cannot go even further.

These giants of Human Rights do cast a shadow and can't be frozen in time. Though ML King had this to say when the Watts uprising of 1965 happened:

"....Los Angeles is fortunate to have very able leadership in the negro community...it was a sort of blind and misguided revolt against society and authority..."

He later, once in the twilight of his life (1967) before assassination, said:

"...A true revolution of values will soon call us to question....it will look at our alliance with the landed gentry of Latin America and say this is not just!...Western arrogance of feeling that it has everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them is not just! This way of settling differences is not just!.. A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on social uplift is approaching spiritual death...the shirtless and barefoot people of the world are rising up...they are singing one of our freedom songs, Ain't Goin' Let Nobody Turn Me Around...declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism and militarism!..."

Marked for death by Whites (Ku Klux Klan bomb attack on family home in 1956) and with little protection from USA federal police and legal authorities (FBI and attorney generals such as Robert Kennedy), ML King had learned by 1967 that fear could not contain him from speaking truth.

Rise Of...

Today, 15 January 2017, if he had not been assassinated 49 years ago at age 39 he would be celebrating his 88th birthday. A rifle, used by a sniper in Memphis, Tennessee ended the life of a man sworn to nonviolent, moral driven methods to end oppression.

Gladiators of the Mind are those who want to use their abilities, especially but not only mental capacities, to free others. Mutulu Shakur, born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950. Mutulu Shakur was a child in the last half of Jim Crow. following the blood filled first segment (1896-1936), this half was remarkable due to the trends in political, self defense (military) and mass social uprising of African so called Americans termed negroes. While the partial deconstruction of public accommodation laws and school racial discrimination has been highlighted in the 1950s, the whole picture remains obscured.

Mutulu Shakur lived also in the rushing waters of a decline in cultural and economic unity which had been forged in centuries of not just White exclusion but the long indistinguishable flame of defiant independence from African nations long genetically mixed on deathships and in the North American lands of being worked to death. Mutulu Shakur would become a doctor of acupuncture treating the casualties of New York City who had fallen to the heroin which was trafficked by La Costra Nostra, an international drug syndicate but also aided and abetted by what is today known as Big Pharma. As a child newly resident in Jamaica Queens, NYC, he had been affected by inequalities and difficulties faced in caring for his blind mother. By the time he was a teenager, he was a part of RAM, Revolutionary Action Movement which was influential enough to be advised by Queen Mother Moore and Malcolm X, older world travelers and visionaries.

African people had been developing aboveground self defense groups in the 1960s. The Deacons for Defense had done this for ML King to protect him in the USA South states. Mabel and Robert Williams and their two sons were exiled for doing such against KKK forces in North Carolina. Young people such as Mutulu joined the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in New York City. The youth of the times, Lumumba Shakur (blood relation brother), Safiya Bukhari, Sundiata Acoli, Afeni Shakur, Joan Bird, Dhoruba (bin Wahad), Jamal Joseph, Assata Shakur and others were people who had by the 1960s been politicized by their view of the futility of nonviolent protest and public demonstrations. The Black Panther Party in Harlem, other chapters in Brooklyn and the Bronx became a targeted group. Unlike most cities, the Panthers were facing on a grand scale not only local police (10's of thousands) the FBI but also NYPD dedicated social organization destroyers such as BOSS, Bureau Of Special Services, in place since 1955 to stop those considered 'red' or communist but also those disrupting peacefully the 'UpSouth' racism of Manhattan courts, cafeterias, voting stations, decent housing, nightclubs and hotels. Many of Mutulu's partners in feeding breakfasts to impoverished Black and Brown children, testing for Sickle Cell Anemia at low or no cost and defending against unjust seizure of The Black Panther international newspaper were underground by the start of the 1970s. The year 1976 marked the end of the second half of the Jim Crow era (1936-1976), ironically touching on the 200th year of the USA state founded by and for rich White property owners (Africans were seen as property). Whenever possible, money for lawyers able to defend the mostly young people was raised. If they hadn't been killed by police or set up by informants for the government and sentenced to long prison terms, that is.

Unlike the politicians or established leaders loyal to the system, Mutulu, even as a young man, could see that his actions, his beliefs, would be distorted and he could lose his life. Those that he helped while underground or imprisoned, including Assata Shakur were the despised freedom fighters that had survived a tidal wave of repression. Ultimately, after years living in clandestine circumstances, he was imprisoned in 1986.


According to an account in the 21st century, Dr Mutulu Shakur was

"...co-founder and director of the National Task Force for COINTELPRO Litigation and Research which investigated, exposed and instigated suits against the FBI and other American law agencies for criminal acts, domestic spying, dirty tricks, repression, and low intensity warfare maneuvers against the New African independence struggle and others struggling against oppression in America..."

In the same interview, Dr Mutulu Shakur explains something of the era:

"...And so I became a target of an investigation, March 20th, 1982 I was indicted for the liberation of Assata Shakur because I was her legal assistant on many of her cases during the ’70s. They target me with her liberation, I was targeted as part of the liberation of freedom fighters as well as the expropriation of 9 or 10 armored trucks during the course of ‘76 to ‘81. So I went underground in 1981. I knew I was a target, Mtayari Shabaka was murdered. A great revolutionary by the name of Sekou Odinga who had been a part of the Panther 21 case, who had been a childhood friend of mine, who was a leader of the Black Panther Party, who went to Algiers and opened up the international section. Was captured at the time Mtayari was murdered and he was indicted for being one of the leaders of the clandestine formation of the Black Liberation Army, New African Freedom Fighters. Many other brothers and sisters, Kwasi Balagoon, Chui Ferguson-El, Assata Shakur, Nehanda Abiodun, great sister who was a part of the aboveground structure, who is still underground, who is still being hunted by the law, the FBI, CIA, Interpol, she was a sister who helped start BAAANA on 129th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue in Harlem..."

In 2016, Dr Mutulu Shakur finished a 30 year sentence. Legally supposed to be released, he was held by the USA goverment. To this day, he remains illegally held, age 66, after suffering a stroke in 2014 and battling glaucoma. Dr Mutulu Shakur is unfortunately just one of numerous US Political Prisoners who the state refuses to extend international law standard based prison treatment. Still, the same White House attempts to dictate to nations across the world how their political opponents, including prisoners, must be handled. In the fading moments of the Barack Obama regime, there is a petition begun in October 2016 (executive clemency) to have Dr Mutulu Shakur released from US federal prison. The Empire has just days now to respond.

ML King before and Dr Mutulu Shakur in the present times, Gladiators of the Mind, had pushed against and even today continue to fight all enemies of freedom.

15 January 2017

From Exile,




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