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Asking Questions (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

People Asking Questions

What is troubling about the question mark and comforting to some about the period? Is it the finality of the phrase, a sense of closure? The open ended nature of the question, the expanse of possibility is our joy and fear: the unknown is a trifle imposing, if not terrifying at times.

But some of us never want the questions to stop. Like nature itself, the unlimited surety of creation in it's free form enchants.

Yes, let questions come and come forever.

11 April 2014
From Exile,

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Power And The People (Exile 2008)

The topic is the relationship of power and African people in America.
For sure, whether it is admitted by the Algerians, Turkish, Nigerians, Canadians, Germans Pakistanis or Israelis I might meet, the Africans sometimes called African Americans are known to be oppressed. After a decade in exile...


Fitting In (Exile 2011)

It's not what you say, it's what you do. If you are to be respected in the world as an individual or a group, you have to rest in dignity, defying all that is not respectful.

I do not care if this fits in with 'the world'...


Haunting Anniversary (Exile 2012)

Moammar Gaddafi Of Libya (1942-2011)
captured and assassinated last October haunts the world

When a person concerned with putting information out into the public does this, it becomes interesting for she or he that presses the point. Liberating actions come about. As the saying goes...


Name Dropper (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

Nothing Wrong With Success
Social Justice Got You There

Voltron Fellkins III.
I was laughing with my wife one early morning. I'd had a dream about she and I encountering a haughty young African so called American, about age ten or twelve. Maybe even less than I, Aisha has microscopic amounts of tolerance for people who 'put on airs'. The youthful upstart in the dream had made some kind of brash statement to my wife, who had then asked him what his name was.

Sucking in oxygen like an irritated cartoon figure, exposing the arc of many buttons on the beefy three piece suit he wore, an expulsion of attitude blew 'his name' towards the universe.

4 April 2014
From Exile,

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Huret For Secondhands (BP14)
BP14: A while back the Bicycle Preacher took from the plentiful fruits on the street a gem of a bicycle. Now, he doesn't steal. Actually, the '70s or 80s lugged frame...



A Measured Glass(Exile 2010)
“As an elder of the Mayan people, I ask that you listen to the clamor of our people. We are not rich, but we have dignity. We have said many times that we don’t want...



Cold Shoulder #3 (Exile 2013)
Goodbye, Farewell
The last time I saw Detroit, I stood with my wife and several First Nations activists, gazing across the water from Windsor, Ontario in Canada. We were all delegates at "Unmasking the OAS & FTAA"...


Acceptance Speech Pt2 (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

Five years ago, in 2009, Geocities.com which we used as a webhost in the early 21st century, terminated free accounts. In retrieving what our website once contained it was fitting to put the articles into the ExiledOne Commentary Archives.

Just a few people I have met in life believe that African people in the USA have a case to make before the world. Even fewer claim to know what to do about this. Is our battle to get the United Nations attention? Partly. Who are we speaking to, the people of the world, the heads of states that may be politically inclined to raise some sand? Again, partly. What needs clarity is that the picture has to begin with the realization that fire must burn in the gut of those who are themselves in need of liberation. The outer world has, at best, a distorted perspective of the astounding effort Africans in America have waged throughout the centuries. Well, there remains a need to pick up the pen. We'll celebrate our 7th year here at Livejournal with the following!

Like the definition of war, or peace for that matter, the term censorship is not fixed. Exploration is needed of the space where censorship exists in regards to African people in the USA taking the historical resistance to the international level. Here, censorship is alive and fully in effect. Each person holding a pen (or computer mouse, these days) can loosen brainstrings of the deaf, dumb and blind, their own if necessary. But censoring fact remains the unscripted duty of the functionary writer. This embedding of lies will not do anything but ferment and eventually curdle in the mind. For money and a lot less, mouths stay shut, egos get stroked and the circus continues.

Accepting Pain Is A Strange Science

There is no motion without a spur to move. As a younger person, I was youthfully angered to grasp that history had been whitewashed to dis-include African ancestors, the Indigenous dimension as well. George Washington was spoon fed to us like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and John Glenn. It took a rare book on the family bookshelves to alert me to Paul Robeson. One day, when I was beginning to shave, the old soldier passed away in a large West Philadelphia house I had been going by on the 'D' bus numerous times. How could I have known then that I would be on my way out of the country 20 years later?

Enriching the real story is not going to enable friendships all around. No, asking questions and finding answers is trouble, second only to broadcasting the research done. In part two of Acceptance Speech, I return to an early lesson learned, showcasing the undisputable imprint of those who made/make a difference for freedom and a better world.

Though I have suffered for my position, I feel it is but the work is just like the call and response of our music, transposed to words for voicing humanity's cry.  What is my complaint, however, compared to those who first led the way in the battle?  EO

ASSATA SHAKUR Born 1947 in New York City. One of the most prominent exiles and COINTELPRO targeted activists.  Presently exiled from the US and living in Cuba since being granted Political Asylum/Political Refugee status there in 1984. Assata has been a stalwart Human Rights figure for over thirty years. From her university activist days to leadership roles in the New York chapter of the Black Panther Party to her affiliation with the Black Liberation Army, she has adamantly opposed US repression of African American peoples' self determination. Assata spent six years in tortuous conditions in US prisons in direct violation of international law in the 1970's including being chained to a bed in the basement of a men's prison under glaring lights kept on 24 hours a day. Freed by like-minded dissidents from a New Jersey prison in 1979, Assata endured several years underground in the US during which her family including her elementary school aged daughter born to Assata in prison, Evelyn Williams, an attorney in some of her trials, were surveilled, harassed and intimidated. Progressive organizations were raided and many African American women regardless of political views were psychologically and physically brutalized and detained throughout the US because a frustrated FBI imagined they were Assata. In 2000, Assata contends with extradition demands by US government agencies, an argument fundamentally moot in international law since Cuba, a sovereign nation, has provided Assata with Political Refugee status. Many people the world over, including Aisha and Bankole, are inspired by Assata Shakur's relentless desire for African peoples and all oppressed peoples Human Rights to be recognized and implemented globally.

JAMIL AL AMIN (H. Rap Brown) - Born 1943 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Targeted by the FBI under its then new COINTELPRO in 1967, Jamil had been active in the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee where he and other young people had learned how to teach literacy, register impoverished African Americans to vote and organize economic self-reliance. Aided by brilliant organizing minds such as Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer and James Forman, Jamil is 40 years later still battling COINTELPRO. A gifted orator in the plain language style of Malcolm X, Jamil helped a generation of African Americans with its decisions to speak boldly on issues such as community empowerment, self-defense against US police terrorism and linking up with oppressed nations across the world. Briefly a leader in the Black Panther Party in the late 1960's, he spoke for freedom of political prisoners such as Huey P. Newton, a founder of the Black Panther Party.
From the mid 1970's to the present, despite a low political profile (he is a Muslim Imam), Jamil was tracked by the FBI in the 1990's, he has been infiltrated COINTELPRO style and painted as a negative element by Georgia and US agencies although no proof has been found that he is a "terrorist". As a rare surviving strong figure of the 60's rebellions that put America on its heels, Jamil appears to be under massive COINTELPRO attack.
In March, 2000 he was surrounded by 250 FBI agents armed with weapons in an Alabama town for two days and then arrested and jailed on suspicion of killing a policeman in Atlanta. His only public statement as he and his lawyers fight extradition to Georgia and a possible electric chair sentence : "It's a government conspiracy".

PAUL ROBESON (Ancestor,1976) - Born 1898 Princeton, New Jersey. Surveilled and hounded by FBI and CIA for more than 50 years of his prolific life, his voice of dissent in the US, Europe and Russia concerning African American oppression and capitalism still resonates today.
One of the few prominent African American public figures to defy the McCarthy era interrogations, Paul was barred by the US government from travelling abroad for years, and when he was able to regain his passport, was harassed and surveilled in Europe by the CIA.
Despite persecution, the man who spoke 20 languages, was a lawyer and singer who rallied oppressed nationalities the world over by song, Paul presented the United Nations with a document charging the United States of America with genocide of African American people in 1951.

FANNIE LOU HAMER (Ancestor,1977) - Born 1917 in Montgomery County, Mississippi. Youngest of twenty children of cotton sharecropper parents, Fannie Lou was one of a handful of people who stood up to the violence and illegality of the US South. In 1964, this leader and her grassroots Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party was barred from utilizing its numerical majority of voting registrants at the Democratic Party Convention despite outnumbering the traditionally racist White Democrats.
FBI agents bugged Fannie Lou's hotel and meeting rooms for the MFDP
listening in on her strategies and reporting these to US president Johnson, a Democrat, and the Mississippi Whites. This was a direct violation of international law as the US federal police were obstructing the right of historically disenfranchised people from voting, which the US was screaming that Russia and China were employing as totalitarian states. The FBI was employing its "White Hate Groups" tactic here aiding the racists underpinning centuries of persecution of African Americans by standing by as churches, homes, and small businesses were burned and bombed, rapes, lynchings and economic violence were carried out by Whites. Fannie Lou Hamer, fearlessly spoke out on the issue of US government hypocrisy, and international events such as the Vietnam War to impoverished African American people in the US. Her honorary trip to Guinea and West Africa impressed her and she considered going there to live and work prior to her death at 60.

BAYARD RUSTIN (Ancestor,1987) - Born 1910 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. A pacifist and Conscientious Objector to US involvement in the World War (1939-1945), Bayard became an expert organizer of non-violent protest, visiting Ghandi in India and other world figures a generation before Martin Luther King was a teen. He would endure persecution throughout the McCarthy era of the 1950's and be a key strategist of antiwar and Civil and Human Rights demonstrations such as the March on Washington, 1963, where Martin Luther King would give a famous speech. COINTELPRO had been effect during most of Bayard's career, with bugging and attempts to link him with Communists and others considered un-American for years.
Although he was besieged by smear campaigns by the FBI and CIA for traveling around the US and the globe organizing protests and in particular for his sexual preferences, Bayard Rustin was able to teach thousands how to employ civil disobedience to bring governments into concessions with activists.


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The Missionary And The Military (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Organized Exclusion

Yet The Stream To Europe Is Increasing

A year after the European External Action Service (EEAS is a curious name for a 'diplomatic' outfit) produced a paper admitting that the attack (militarily in 2012) on Libya was going to have catastrophic effects on Africa's great water aquifer next to the Mediterranean. Can Europe (the state apparatus) be taken seriously? It's not true that the USA, or NATO has the answers, having waged a good (?!) war against 'fundamentalist Muslims'? But they still babble on about stopping war, establishing economic and political order. The disrupters of Africa have oil on their money sign blazed eyeballs too. A constitution that drew from just a few national groups out of Libya's hundreds of national groups was a political long shot. Some ethnic groups from other countries in the Sahara contributed in the planned chaos now arguably one of the worst military bills of sale ever sold to the West, its citizens, that is, who are treasure hunt-weary.  But before examining the repercussions of such a bold nullification of USA/UK/EU chances to engage Africa's 54 nations humanely, the desperation of those in the core of  the hurricane is largely an ignored reality. Shocking the world in recent weeks were mass storming by Africans of treacherous high fencing at Ceuta and Melilla, two solid ground border crossings that are geopolitically and geographically strange. While they are on the African continent in Morocco, the two towns are considered territory of Spain, which lies across the Mediterranean Sea, and in whose waves is often a watery graveyard for those transiting to Europe by small boats on their own or commanded by human smugglers. The region is known for the Rock of Gibraltar.

The Missionary and The Military: Washington DC And It's National War College

Having destabilized Northern, Western and Eastern Africa with quasi-military EEAS and EUBAM (European Union Border Assistance Mission), refugees are pouring from Somalia, Egypt and Yemen to tragically meet the western spectrum victims of the raid on Africa, from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and of course, Libya, as the groups dash into  Europe. A bucket of red, white and blue Brand USA spawned Libyan patriotism has also been delivered post haste after the Benghazi debacle that resulted in Americans including it's USA ambassador dying in attacks in recent years. Now, the relatively low key penetration (even as the supposed unified Libyan government crumbles) of the USA is spoken of by it's ambassador Deborah 'Every True Libyan' Jones by the numbers: x amount of youth from Libya being able to be 'educated and trained' in the USA and other Western educational systems. This is alongside fast-forward recruitment of the many youth for Western approved 'democracy'. Within the population this is underway. Since she speaks Arabic, there is an added slickness to the message. Little USA fanfare is expressed during the present crisis during the first half of 2014. Whether it has been learned at her institutional roots, one of Mormonism's friendly faces, BYU (Brigham Young University) or the National War College, Deborah Jones has a background in the think tank of the settler colonialist missionary and the military complex, it's historical twin when it comes to White supremacy. The Morning Glory tankership full of oil being returned to Libya's headless government is an archetype of irony. Longtime Gaddafi era enemy Ali Zeidan, the chief of the country has fled, reportedly to the Mahgreb neighbor Morocco. His calls for Libyans to hand in the weapons that rained down from the skies and sea-the West's profiteers during the last few years-the official pleas went on deaf ears as the political/military forces have regional and ethnic differences to hash out. These are complicated by the desire to land the Libyan oil revenue, knowing as the Americans (private corporate) and Chinese (state corporate) have extensive plans for the richest of oil reserve nations in Africa. Fuel for the West, not just oil, gas and the rest is critical. Add to this a struggle for ideas on who get's any of it. Who is authenticity to gain mineral riches-and acceptable ideology for such- has the globe in a political knot.

Who Does That?

Shooting At Life Preservers: No Love In 2014

Why would Morocco and Spain (Guardia Civil) shoot rubber bullets not only at people desperate enough to risk the triple fences (up to five meters high) at Ceuta? Beyond that, the many Cameroon nationals and others were shot at while in the water and unable to escape were quickly kept from any protection under law. Many who survived the internationally (on paper) right to asylum processing by getting to Ceuta saw up to 25 or 30 (out of a few hundred people) die trying to make it. Indeed it's murder if a police boat (Spain) cruises into you or over you while in the water. Emptying tear gas canisters into the water while the refugees were swimming is not arresting them but murdering them. Fatal beatings, rapes and other treatment by so called state authorities who are often tipped off by or engaged with the smugglers' profitable trafficking is rampant. Though many in February and March 2014 reached what is designated as Europe and the EU and deserve official recognition, even if jailed, a majority of the group during the first week of February  were sent to Morocco for deportation. Who are the police working for? Africa? Europe? No love, no consideration, no international law and no humanity existed in the month of February, supposedly when we share from the heart.

Despite the corporate hooping and hype hollering about Russia in Ukraine and allowing 'outrage' about the London and Washington spymasters (NSA, GCHQ) falling all over themselves along with and sometimes against the French (DGSE), realtime tragedies are routine within 'democratic states'. London is home to the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) intelligence agency, France has it's General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) to detail each and every 'citizen's' life. The official names of various frantic Western networks and what they do is of little importance to a jaded, depoliticized population.Included in the desecration are those invisible to most Europeans, but human just the same, no less than Syrians or others currently in the 'news'.

Obama, boss of their bosses, is on a record purging of migrants and immigrants to the USA, often illegally.

But that can't be seen, nor the thrusting and grappling of human beings, here and there in the dense fog of the new war in Africa.

27 March 2014
From Exile,

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Just Dust (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

I Bend But Don't Break

I know it's all going to be well. The rough time I have had for so long is beginning to wear away. At last! My own perseverance and a partner whose compassion, wisdom and guidance has gotten me to this new point of liberation.

No longer will I self-trap my own life, establish or re-establish the wrong, accept and welcome cardboard when I've got to have steel.

The great footprints I have chosen to walk in are deep and wide and seem to wander aimlessly into the distance. I can't be and won't be discouraged.

Freedom of the soul does not hold back much, but doubt is excluded. That's just dust in the wind.

16 March 2014
From Exile,

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Brazil Reflection & Invitation Pt2 (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

The Urbanized South & Southeast Regions: Home To 100 Million

"And we've discovered three places off Africa that take you automatically to America. There's one off the Cape Verde, one off the Senegambia and one off the southern coast of Africa. Once you are caught in those currents, you have to come to America, unless the fish get you first. Whether you have an engine or not, the water is the engine. It's very powerful. And it's exactly where those currents end where we find the African presence. It goes to Mexico, it goes to other parts of America, it goes to Brazil."

A quote from Ivan Van Sertima (1935-2009), who also documented the finding of a skeleton of a 'negroid' (African) woman, named by archeologists Luiza (1975, carbon dating in the late 1990s). The location was Lapa Vermelha in Minas Gerais state and has been noted at 12,500 years old, the oldest in the Americas, more ancient than any Indigenous or Amerindian remains in the Western hemisphere.

Besides the suffering, new light on Brazil's origins are emerging. Long depicted as both a multiracial 'nonracial' society that just happened to have Whites from across the world in control of the country, new definitions and linkages are developing. As in all so called democracies, there will be times of revolt and possibly revolution against the status quo. How people define class and race, gender and other ideas will help the process along. Politicans have ranged from fascist to left wing and all must grapple with the police state, drug cartels and the people that are largely poor and caught in the net. Perception is everything. Whose side are they on?

Urban areas of density and poverty were created by corrupt governments. A say by the people-not another 'magic policy crusade' by politicians-will demolish longterm social problems. A part of real growth is erasing this epidemic of state power. Restitution, to aging survivors of a regime prior to the 1970s and for today's police kidnap victims and their families must begin.

Contradictions, truths and the way out into the sunshine of a new day await....

São Paulo

In the next few months a tremendous onslaught of information concerning Brazil will tumble into our web, phone and television screens. Already there are films, such as City of God and Central Station, to name two, which have delivered certain viewpoints of contemporary Brazil. But, to me, the rise of Brazil is exciting because it will, as the 20th century proved in the place I was born in, the USA, seriously change. Big bank money family the Safras are not just capitalism's gold stuffed elite in Brazil, they buy banks in Switzerland and create them in New York City. Even the storied former Workers' Party activist turned president 'Lula' (2 terms, 2003-2011) has a chunk of change jingling around and travels well paid to Africa to encourage Brazilian (at least the rich) good economic relations there. This is Clintonesque money, $100,000 for an hour or two. Current president Dilma Rouseff, also of the Workers' Party has been on board for a Fortaleza, Brazil to Lisbon, Portugal fiber optic link for telecommunications. Lisbon is the seat of former worldwide Portuguese slavery and colonialism. Brazil-EU trade pacts are ready for signing. Meantime, she is promising federal military 'protections against violence' at 2014 World Cup football stadiums across the poverty plagued nation. Anywhere from a third (30%) to half (50%) of the country lives below Brazil's measurement of poverty margin. Two years ago, Romania and Venezuela were comparatively mentioned when poverty was discussed. A severe cut off, the lowest level of trying to survive is at what translates to US$1.30 a day and over 16 million Brazilians are in this category.

A Real Peoples' Party Ready To Begin

Obscene wealth is nothing new in Brazil. Yet what is about to happen, from all reasonable vantage points, is the people in the huge populated nation will get some greater levels of prosperity.  And as in any country, the forces that are commanded by international capital will be deployed on the people more and more. The self determination of the Indigenous people has entered a phase, receiving worldwide attention in 2014 with the eviction of illegal Amazon forest loggers. The Awá are officially on a 'genocide' watch and are only about 450 strong. Indigenous peoples make up less than a half percent of 200 million Brazilians. For all of Lula's so called left winger actions as chief, his son is on the corporate board of a major beef (cattle) processor. Factory farms and ranches are devastating Brazil and forcing more landless people to overcrowded and polluted cities.

When I do get my invitation to go to Brazil, it will not be for the festivities that many will associate with in Brazil. No, it will be from the people and by the people who have made their situation better, the super rich be damned!

When the people score a goal like this they are a winner.

12 March 2014
From Exile,

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Acceptance Speech Pt1 (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

Five years ago, in 2009, Geocities.com which we used as a webhost in the early 21st century, terminated free accounts. In retrieving what our website once contained it was fitting to put the articles into the ExiledOne Commentary Archives.

As a writer since I was a youth I have had a particularly eventful time remaining myself, maintaining my own voice, a voice that would have to be raised in ways I couldn't have imagined. There are no illusions, once a person has been located in the crosshairs of an immense enemy. They must accept the responsibility of a battle-or be overwhelmed. It seems that just being born an African in the USA put me center stage. In time, I realized that I had to accept what cards had been dealt to me in life.

Like the definition of war, or peace for that matter, the term censorship is not fixed. Exploration is needed of the space where censorship exists in regards to African people in the USA taking the historical resistance to the international level. Here, censorship is alive and fully in effect. When I note this point with the underpinning facts of my life and that of my wife, it is still rarely acknowledged. There are real reasons, absurd as they seem, that support an oppressive roadblock.

Contemporary events in the area of geopolitics as recorded by a huge majority of writers, researchers, scholars and political analysts exclude the possibility of solutions beyond a colonial minded White House. To my knowledge, these forces have continued to ignore the realities. As the winners of a strange consolation prize we have insight. We lived through and claim significant achievements during the USA police/surveillance state period of the 1970s-2000 and endured as Political Exiles. Alongside a gifted woman and partner who has enlightened me and inspired me is also indescribably rewarding.

There can be no disguising, though the racists and capitalists are trying harder in their panic world post 2007, that an international context is the only way to unshackle the so called African Americans from their social, economic, political and cultural situation. Below find the first part of Acceptance Speech, a collection which contains, in segments, open letters, articles and book excerpts written between the 2000 and now essays on censorship. In this series of articles, I also explain the basis of my personal efforts and success against international censorship. I begin with a letter to an organization that claimed it was against censorship. I never received a reply.       EO


17 February, 2002

Refugee Media Agency

c/o Presswise

38 EBC

Felix Road

Bristol BS5 0HE


Peace Mr/Ms:

My name is Bankole Irungu, and I am an exiled writer, orator and commentator on the plight of African people in America, commonly referred to as African Americans. I heard about your developing organization through an e mail from a friend at Kebele Kulture Projekt in Easton, Bristol. I would very much like to be a part of the group being formed.

I am banned, along with my wife, Aisha, from the United States of America, since December, 2000. We are African ”Americans”. This occurred after both my wife and I filed Political Refugee claims in Canada in 1998, due to decades of FBI COINTELPRO (counterintelligence) attacks in the US. For our steadfast devotion to the beliefs we hold and for forging ahead with activities for Human Rights and Self Determination for African people in the States, we were hounded by governments in these two countries. This has been done as well, because we are articulate. The COINTELPRO targeting of Paul Robeson is likely the prime example of what the US government and society has in store for Africans from America who express views that it finds despicable. We had been living and working in Toronto for three years, when suddenly, we were actually ordered out of Canada in 2000 in the middle of the UN refugee claims process. Aisha and I were told in a letter :

”...you can neither return to the United States nor can you transit through the United States to another country. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE UNITED STATES WITHOUT PERMISSION...”

See the letter, details on ourselves, some of my writing (ExiledOne) at:


Since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed putting pen to paper. I learned to read by age four and began to read incessantly. As a young teen, I had the idea that I would become a writer. I was particularly impressed with the legendary Richard Wright. At the highly rated suburban Philadelphia high school I attended, subtle obstacles to developing my creative writing, because of my African heritage, did not deter me from taking a class on the subject. I gained confidence and was satisfied that my own experience, that of Africans in America, over the generations, was valuable. I had also known, by age ten, that the US society, historically, considered African peoples’ literacy a crime and a potential weapon against its exploitative order.

Also budding, at this time, was my dedication to research writing, which I excelled at during the last high school year. By the university years in the late 1970’s, I was a skilled research writer, though the topics, many times concerned with the plight of my people, was controversial, and was discouraged by professors and the administration of the school. I helped revive a student newsletter and had my first brushes with censorship. My parents and nearly all adults did much to discourage my writing.

As a grassroots activist in the US, I would eventually develop my writing, and was nearly always concerned with news, historical accounts of Africans globally, and resistance against US repression of African people domestically. My efforts at journalism and political rhetoric were, surprising to me at the time, discouraged by political cell leaders. By age twenty-four, I had completed a self published, eight booklet essay collection, aimed at condensing worldwide African history and Self Determination personalities and events into short form. The reader then would not have to spend hours finding out the facts. Naturally, the political points were driven home. But I was again not supported, and attempts were made to belittle the booklets by activists and established writers and publishers that I knew. I would have the lesson made plain to me that what I was writing was forcefully and directly threatening to the US ruling class and the racial status quo. Then, a few years later, I decided to write for a newspaper and distribute and sell books.

In the mid-1980’s I was part of a network of activists and US Political Prisoners who wrote and shared information, mainly on countering the repression we all faced, but also on politics, history, culture and society. I began to interact with many African people in the US and from elsewhere. A newspaper I wrote for, and as an inspired activist, distributed, grew from a quarterly to a monthly due to my impetus. My duties as an editor for the Commentator newspaper included gathering and researching information, interviewing relevant people, and of course, developing stories and writing them for the chief editor. At the same time, I maintained circulation, solicited subscriptions and ad space for businesses and organizations and distributed the paper to shops, newsstands and through the mail. I managed a bookstore for the same firm, traveling to and dealing with book distributors simultaneously. Because of the sensitive nature of this employment experience in relation to my Political Refugee case, I have not revealed the company. But it is sufficient to say that I had become a journalist of merit by this point, along with my skill as a research writer and the creative writing abilities I had managed to nurture. I was thirty-one years of age.

In the 1990’s, in supporting my wife’s eventual success in filing suit against the US government, and through self representation in a US federal court in an employment matter, I gained more experience as a writer and law library researcher. I learned to write legal correspondence, law briefs, motions, appeals and at one point, even corrected a court docket log. A US court clerk attempted to omit record of my court appearances and the motions I had filed. Attempts had been made to misrepresent the corporate defendant’s filings as well. I found out key and illegal activities that should have resulted in a judgment in my favor. This corrected log then replaced the fabricated one, but did not change the corrupt direction of the case, which was thrown out on a technicality. My appeal and briefs to the Appellate court were researched and cited in case law. The result was that there was a gag on the decision for a second denial of my pleadings, and even who, among the trio of judges, had dissented. This gag meant that the case would never appear in case law, or be able to be cited by other non-lawyers and ordinary people. I was introduced to press release writing and press conferencing, by my wife, who is an excellent writer and editor and who handled the spokesperson’s role in our political challenges while enduring intense COINTELPRO harassment in the US.

By 1998, Aisha and I faced a daunting test: writing our Personal Information Forms for the Canadian government to prove our eligibility as Political Refugees from the United States of America. We were successful, after several months of writing these ”PIF”s, and were given a hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board in 1999. That same year, Aisha formed a music company in exile, The Soulful  Expression. I have since aided in writing phone sales pitches, flyer and poster text and outlines for radio and news interviews. I have introduced, and acted as MC for Aisha, on stage in four countries. I developed with Aisha and supporters a major press conference on our political situation in front of the US consulate in Toronto in April, 2000. This attracted two dozen media organizations.

Today, in exile in Stockholm, Sweden, I continue to write: music reviews and blurbs for Aisha’s company, and I outline text and do written ExiledOne commentary for the website. I have written a dozen researched articles for the website in 18 months. Last year, I hosted my own ExiledOne news, views and commentary radio program in Stockholm, on community radio for four months. I researched and wrote the body of the two hour live show airing on Saturday mornings.

Finally, one of my greatest present tasks as an exiled writer, is to rewrite my life story. This was in rough form (both of the stories, Aisha’s and mine, and a self published software teaching book Aisha had copyrighted) when it was stolen in the mail between Canada and Sweden in June, 2001.

I know, today, at age forty-three and in exile, fully what it means to be censored, blacklisted and an exiled writer! There has not been one so called freedom of speech/anti censorship organization or publication that has ever responded positively to our story!

Although I must manage the writing of the autobiography, despite not having a country to live in, it will be done!

Thank You for your time and consideration,

Bankole Irungu
Stockholm, Sweden



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Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936

'I wouldn't give a crippled crab a crutch!'
             A proverb from the African experience in America

Recently, I was stunned when I walked down an avenue and saw numerous crowds of children with iphones or smartphones. They were on their way home from school. Although they were talking and moving on foot at a good clip, most of one group that I squeezed past were also glancing at their gadgets simultaneously. That, I suppose, is what is called social multitasking.


When I mentioned to a friend that the gadgets of one kind or another take up nearly every waking hour of some young people's lives, I got a response I wasn't expecting. 'These children are very intelligent'. I had to take into account that the speaker was born in the late 1980s and came of age in the early streaming of the mobile units. Having crossed into puberty in the end years of the 20th century, he probably already knew more about such items than I did then. I was close to 41 years of age when I had the chance to hold one in my hand. It was, in '98-'99 a novelty that some business executives had. The twenty-two year olds that I knew in Toronto that had them were thrilled, among other things making stealth phone calls to girls for late night intimacies. That was a decade and a half ago.

Strange to the privileged or not, 'they' are part of the world too.

My position is that the devices all around us are going to limit actual human interaction. Genuine communication may be something of the past now. Text messages and the like contribute to the rapid fire exchanges that 'make society go'. But what happened to the phone call where nuance in the voices determined as much as the time of the call, the message itself or the surprise of being near the appliance to take the call?

War and the concept of enemies has become abstract, as has that of friends.

Today, insecurities have been magnified, social status scales are out for billions to see and there can be a total shift involved for work, play and socializing casually or romantically. It's all on a device, a unit filled with satellite connected technology. Above all, the surrender to the 'big brother' corporate-government complex is a non issue to a certain generation. That apparatus uses the word intelligence a lot, too, intel for short. Children born in the era of the late 1990s have now been cradled in corporate media may 'be very intelligent.' Are we dealing with augmented intelligence? But what lends context is that awareness of the tragedies of the world currently in play. Are these people they 'see' in severe stress not actually people like the gadget holders?  Children their age being railroaded into child soldier status all across Africa, equally, the cities of South and North America in service to drug cartels might be a video game to them. The supply of drugs has mounted like the wars in the 21st century and the ties to Wall Street through mass incarceration is even depicted on television and on computers. What will the response of privileged children be once they are confronted with realities that are not of the kind on their screens? That will help determine the future.

For now, though, would the youth give

....a crippled crab a crutch?

2 March 2014
From Exile,

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Waiting In Strength/End Zone (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
Old Clock, Europe

Waiting In Strength

André Shepherd is waiting. After last year's Munich, Germany court decision was halted, his case was sent to the European Court of Justice. Reports in early 2014 have André Shepherd still waiting in rural Bavaria, but in strength and good spirits. He signed papers to be a USA soldier in 2004. He then decided to leave the USA military and live underground before declaring himself a refugee to Germany's authorities. Posted to a barracks near Nuremberg, he realized in the midst of being signed up that he opposed fully the motives and behavior of the USA military in countries he had seen action in, namely Iraq. Once it was clear that he was not going to receive any political asylum from the German state under UN Convention Refugee guidelines, he settled in for the next round.

I know a little bit about that. Holding tight, keeping well and standing firm for principle in Europe, 21st century. I am learning still, of the historical impact of the African from America, the graphic artist, the musician, the writer and the soldiers for the USA and the ones who refused to honor what they found dishonorable; Those that did something about their plight are not well spoken of, it at all. At ExiledOne Commentary, since learning of André Shepherd some years back, the only option is to share information and provide a context of the crisis of African people, so called citizens of the USA who are developing new territory in international law. In this, the tenth year since André Shepherd wrote his signature on a war recruiter's form, history is being made.

The precedent setting in André Shepherd's case has already taken place in his legal matter being sent to the European Court of Justice in tiny Luxembourg. Of course granting him victory is going to create a new era for women and men war resisters worldwide, no less in the once massive and now shrinking (in size and political and military influence) USA forces.

Below is End Zone which I wrote concerning the late 1950s when new dimensions of the historical battle for freedom altered the USA armed forces as they had the wider USA society.

Freedom Is The Goal

left end feint right

By the time the platoon got back to the States (if it did) he would be getting the GI Bill, a 1000% plus the 50% for being White, while to get  a crummy 10% if you demanded it as a Black man was your plight. The oldhead master sergeant hadn't minced his words and he had been through the Red Ball Express years.

the two backs crowded behind center, shuffle steps like Jackie Wilson, quarterback way into shotgun formation on an angle

The Texan was a mean muther who had played brig ball and before that for SMU. Tall as an oak, he could see over the offensive line. Tight end Young giggled and a shiver ran through the Colored Clowns (of calamity, huge Roosevelt Mott had suggested after the last practice game) He too, had been in the brig and was playing to regain dignity.

twins in a crap game, Coal Shute Jones and Bobby Nock acted a fool as planned and the watching crowd of soldiers and wives got hushed

In that high Virginia hick voice of his, reedy Sims called '33C RIGHT and got a toss from Denver Fats, the center, once he had crept in for the hike. In the midst of the two short muscular gamblers appearing to trip over each other's feet and the linemen falling back on their heels, the opponent's cornerback advanced for a sack. But the quarterback, Sims from Roanoke, kept the football low in his hand fooling the onrushers. Hand-off or pass? And to who? A tangle of Army's best players in Germany, all White vs all Black was going to be decided in a span of 30 seconds.

At the last possible moment, when the world's smallest paratrooper, Mighty Mite darted on a slant pattern, picking up speed in the German summer heat, Sims side-armed a screamer, a flat whizzing line just over that Okie tank driver Parker's arms.

M& M caught it and zipped into the endzone. A siren sounded after the whistle and that was that. Then the MPs ran out onto the field to pull bodies out of the fight starting to brew among the bruised and bloodied players.

A bout 60 years ago, 'negro' Americans in the USA army won a 'must win' football game in one of the Pentagon's giant military bases in Germany. It was a symbolic victory over ignorance and bigotry in the armed forces there to liberate Europe but which was riddled with racism 'at home and abroad'. This includes, to this day a harsh denial of intellect and reason by soldiers when it comes to unjust warring on the people of the world. This legend was passed on to me thirteen years ago by a self described exiled Afro-American in Sweden. He was a participant in the game.

25 February 2014
From Exile,

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Heads Up (Exile 2014)
Aspirations, Aaron Douglas, 1936
The plunder of the impoverished continues



Heads up!

Get your head out of that bowl, away from that plate. I'm not usually insistent about the matter but there is little choice now.
Food gangsters, and anyone who gets rid of the possibility of real food choices are food gangsters, these characters are having a field day. I'm not usually pushy, no, I don't like pushy type folks around me. But Mr & Mrs Westerner have an informed choice to make.

One Of The Invaders:  This Kind of Corporate Product, (General Mills), Cheerios Is Increasingly On It's Way To Europe (USA 'Recipe')

EU  (NOT GMO or labelled as such)

USA   (GMO one or more ingredients)

I'm speaking of the refined sugar and grain monoculture thugs that are exploiting South American countries, African countries and yes, the North American empire. Laboratories and not people (cooks, etc) have a final say in what goes into so called food. I have detailed the plight of the lands in the grip of corporate power in various other ExiledOne Commentary articles. And so if Monsanto, Cargill and a few other pirate corporations aren't known to you, start searching my articles or those of others. These powers of what we eat have no worldwide patent in the matter. Yet we are all influenced one way or another by their motives. Protests, seminars and much more are the alarm clocks ringing everywhere but it is the overweight West, accepting it's privilege like a free side order of greasy greed, which drowses through an emergency.

Ukraine, the major breadbasket for Russia and EurAsia

# 3 Corn Producer Worldwide

As for myself, I have to get back to the only store where I can find a certain organic 5 whole grain cereal. It is being phased out, I believe, in favor of more industrial sweetened stuff already taking up rows and rows in the store. Chemicals make it available for years at a time, it clogs the digestive system and advances, if eaten with the rest of the 'modern diet, chances of colon cancer, diabetes and heart problems, not to mention skin eruptions and dandruff. How can it get worse? The day that the more dreaded GMO products by the shipload truly arrive in Europe because of a USA/EU trade pact may be near.

A narcotized public, offering no resistance to missile systems Washington imposes may or may not raise their heads up long enough to notice what's being poured into the feedbag.

22 February 2014
From Exile,

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