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A Care Flare (Exile 2015)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936

Put through a wringer for the last time, or so he thought, our hero couldn't give a rhino's rear end about anything that didn't pertain to his craft.  Dashing, they called him. He knew they had anointed him savior.

There Are None

He was our hero, if only for a moment because he fooled so many without really trying to. That takes a quality That not often seen, even  in the mud sport called politics. To be aloof while allowing gleaming smiles to cascade all around mushy consituent brains - well, that took special talent.

Sleazy. The 'marks', or voters, thought that he meant what he said. They were blinded not by the sun which someone said hovered not around his so called sainted head but by a momentary illumination in the darkness, a care flare .

5 October 2015
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Women, Prisons And Resistance, Part Two: African "American" Women And International Law (Exile 2009)

"...July 1980: The USA signs but does not ratify the “women’s international bill of rights”

While there are many layers of lies in place in the USA about the rights of African so called American women, numbers don’t lie. The act of signing documents of internationally recognized standards of justice, such as the United Nations CONVENTION ON DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN (CEDAW) has been done by the American state. That’s the simple part. During July of 1980, the Jimmy Carter government, mired in the Iran hostages scandal, put pen to paper and agreed that women should be internationally protected from being persecuted for their natural gender. Today, infant mortality of Americans (Whites) is often nearly three to four times better than that of African “American” women, whose rates are similar to that of Malaysia..."


The Petri Dish (Exile 2012)

"...Where were you when they crucified the word?

Not all wars are fought with missiles, bullets, drones and such. Some are perpetrated after long consideration and some with no thought at all. There are numerous (tens of thousands in USA alone) books written by African so called Americans during the 20th century that are today out of print. And only approved stories of the 19th and 18th centuries when Africans broke their chains worldwide are tolerated. These truths of individuals and groups are steadfastly refused by the public schools and private schools that are funded by taxes paid by peoples' of all races. What effect does this have on the world?.."


China's Uncle Sam (Exile 2014)

"...The 5 December 2013 death of Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), whose transition signaled the end of an era, (old apartheid) had never chosen to take the superb wealth of the diamond, gold and platinum mines, all of the land, away from White controlled operations, corporations and international cartels. All players in the international political chess game were present two decades ago, selling governments and guns, assassinating here and imposing political will there. Nelson Mandela and his ANC, still the only ruling party since after his 1990s release, were also then under pressure. Angola had political party/military forces backed openly by the USA. Guns flowed, eased in by the CIA . The Russians, too were there to plant what turned out to be post Cold War seedlings. All sides dug in for the long term..."


Alfie At Fifty (Exile 2015)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936
Brooklyn, the New York City borough estimated to rank as 'the fifth most populous city' in the USA, made musical and sociopolitical history on the shoulders of tenor saxophonist Theodore 'Sonny' Rollins in the 1960s. Fifty years ago he was contracted to compose and record a movie soundtrack for an English film, Alfie, starring actor Michael Caine.

At The Bridge

A tone scientist of the post 1945 period, Sonny Rollins, b. 1930, apprenticed with Coleman Hawkins (1904-1969), a performer of legendary status. The inimitable Thelonious Monk (1917-1982), a virtuoso pianist/composer was also a mentor. Sonny was a contemporary of the intriguing John Coltrane (1926-1967) and played with the bell of his horn filled with his heart.

The album Alfie was recorded and released in 1966 on the Impulse record label. Featuring Sonny Rollins, it has been solidified as a classic--of the blues lived and dues paid. Poignant, rumbling with character and stylistically excellent in form, Sonny as a solar force was surrounded by a constellation of musicians. Musically and socio-politically they had reached land's end and were at the foot of a bridge.

The orchestral 8 person sound had been famously employed a decade earlier by
Count Basie (1904-1984) and others. Alfie can be positively noted  as a landmark transition in music. Haunting and still joy-filled tenor sax in combination with veteran musicians produced a fabulous recording. Show tunes, melancholy/bouyant blues genre of the African experience in America, elements of European classical and just prime arranging genius of Oliver Nelson (1932-1975) provide listeners with a signal disc of vibrant power.

Composition List:

Alfie's Theme     9:41

He's Younger Than You are   5:09

Street Runner with Child    3:59

Transition Theme for Minor Blues or
Little Malcolm Loves His Dad      5:49

On Impulse     4:28

Alfie's Theme Differently        3:44

Total 32 minutes, 50 seconds


Sonny Rollins, b. 1930 tenor sax, Composer

Bob Ashton, b.? tenor saxophone

Danny Bank
(1922-2010) baritone sax

Walter Booker
(1933-2006) bass

Kenny Burrell, b. 1931 electric guitar

Jimmy Cleveland
(1926-2008) trombone

Frankie Dunlop
(1928-2014) drums

JJ Johnson
(1924-2001) trombone

Roger Kellaway, b. 1939 piano

Oliver Nelson
(1932-1975) arranger, conductor

Phil Woods
(1931-2015) alto sax

1 October 2015
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Al Grey, Man In The Hat (Exile 2010)  

"...Ten years ago, the musical voice of Al Grey was stilled.  By his early seventies, the native of Virginia, near the US South/ US North border, Al Grey was possibly the most unknown soulful trombone player on the planet. He was raised in the Philadelphia region in industrial Pottstown, Pennsylvania. In his early 20s, he had been in the company of Charlie Parker. By age thirty five, he had the go ahead from Count Basie to create among superb artists in this legendary big band..."


Melba Liston Tribute (Exile 2012)

"...Kansas City Missouri First prominent woman trombonist music mates with Dexter Gordon, Eric Dolphy. Composer Arranger Educator famous for collaboration with Randy Weston..."


Never Truly Gone: AK Salim (Exile 2014)

"...The period 'between wars' was itself a war for African so called Americans. Housing, health care, nutrition, employment and education had to be fought for in the cities like Chicago, Cleveland, New York City and Philadelphia. Pride of self and education about victories in the face of brutality was available to children, gathered along with belongings on the run to the US North. Attempts, notoriously in 1919, to stop African people from renting or buying homes outside of strictly defined areas in Chicago were deadly: the terror from Whites was a different version of what they had fled in Kentucky, Missouri and Alabama.

Culture was practiced and refined; even as it bloomed it was snatched away by the profit makers, mostly by Whites who made the most money and called it their own. But the art of music continued to grow anyway, a people's message to the world of their humanity which was rescued out of the horrors of captivity less than a century before..."


Europe Git Wit It (Exile 2015)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936
Schengen ain't nothin' but a town. In the last months of 2015, the arrangement made (1985) in the richest of countries like Luxembourg, where Schengen, a town with the population of a large high school, lies, is fading away like the summer.

Creatures By Any Other Name...
(Luxembourg Scene And A Pig Painted With The EU Flag Motif)

There's a woman who cannot 'git wit it'. This European woman isn't really someone I know. But the reaction she has because she never met someone like me who rejects racist injustice is, well, sickening. Not just for her but for the European society as a whole.

Despite all the time and space to approach 'foreign' people with dignity, that's probably what she'll do at gunpoint, if at all. To paraphrase a friend born in Africa who is my senior here in Europe, she's one of the 'financial slaves', colonized in ways parallel to what has been done to his country. Her government is about to show her the lengths it will go to. Migrants mean economic growth.

A Chance To Paint The Future

Europe, on the ground, after all the hype political and corporate media-wise, faces it's greatest challenge in not decades but centuries. Waves of people, non christian and with their feet erasing the 'international laws and treaties' that never included them in the first place (but guns and exclusionary border bureacracy did) are now in Europe. These lines were painted by some very rich bankers and militaries for specific, European domination goals. Where will they go now? These governments and these new arrivals? Who has the mentality to embrace this humanity?

Crisis Point
The changing of minds of politicians about numbers of refugees to be allowed in 2015, 2016 and into the 2020 time era had really been cancelled long ago. FRONTEX? Schengen? UNHCR? International law? The drone strikes and depleted uranium did that horrible poetic justice. The crisis point is right now. Unity existed for centuries among Europeans to rule over the earth. Now what, everybody looking for their own lifeboat after a leak in the ship ? Now, people are in national parks, city centers and on the streets of most of Europe, literally having walked from Accra, Aleppo, Damascus, Muqdishu, Mosul and further afield. The year 2015 count of the deaths at sea long ago surpassed the population of Shengen.

Merkel, Putin, Cameron, Obama and all the rest need to...oh, you know !

Through it's heart or somehow in another way, somebody in Europe must 'git wit it'.

29 September 2015

From Exile,


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Who Wants To Be An Antiracist?

"...She isn’t famous or particularly an activist. She has an opinion about injustice.

Recognizing the plight we face, and it’s personal dimensions took a lot out of her, it was clear. But by listening and in addition learning step by step of the current situation of African people in America, she was able to spring into action.

Her attitude is uncommon, we have found, in the number of societies we have called home. Most of these deny racism and exclusion are serious issues..."


Cold Shoulder #2 Masks (Exile 2013)

"...The setback Detroit has suffered has not often been viewed in perspective. It is a microcosm of many social, political and cultural storms of a whirlwind society now coming to an end. In moving on to how and why a cold shoulder has been shown to Detroit and other cities, former USA empire centers, it is clear that more shock waves can be traced to the past. Not the past, or even the present day (especially not seen through the skewed present reality currently delivered to us by corporate media) can stop the inevitable.

But possibly the children and the surviving adult here and there will be able to go forward into a new, better world.


Screens And Burners (Exile 2015)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936
Srebrenica Genocide Memorial (1995)

Dutch, Canadian and French soldiers promising United Nations laws and protection, 'armed to the teeth' did not stop the slaughter.

From coast to coast, nearly every continent has two problems to contend with. Both have to do with the mind and body, some say the soul.

India buys the most guns as far as national governments are concerned.

In the USA received price reductions on military materiel through the federal department of defense. Besides assault guns used in Iraq and Afghanistan, 605 mine resistant vehicles and 205 grenade launchers have been delivered to town and city police departments in the last 10 years.

Guns are used to enforce law during the many, increasing home and apartment evictions (unscheduled, at 2pm or 2am for instance)
across the USA. De Kalb County, Georgia sherrifs put the household items on the street in any weather. There's no differentiating in age, physical or mental disability, family composition or income.

Screens and burners. You know, your phone/tv/computer, etc and your gun. Now a lot of people do not want to hear about this. Except when watching a program or movie about police 'solving crimes' vs 'the bad guys', many of us do not think much of the link between media and weapons. Yet, in at least one 'modern' society, guns are just about everywhere. The latest and deadliest guns are often where the most dispossessed and impoverished exist. To be plain, living and existing are two different actions. How Glock and Heckler & Koch, Smith and Wesson, Uzi, these guns which are rapid firing and designed to massacre, got to the place alternately called the favela, the hood, is ultimately known. It's on the screen(s).

The Oversaturated Parts Of The World Market For Weapons Can Expect Certain Results

Don't get mad at me.

Also, please....don't reach for your gun.

20 September 2015
From Exile,

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Du Bois: Sharp In Hindsight (Exile 2013)

"...100+ years ago, as is common (the cycle of time varies) the powers that be mounted pulpits made of the skin and bone of the suffering of millions to give lofty speeches. These were little changed in form from what we hear today. Freedom. Democracy. Rights Of All Men. What was new then was just amplification. Electric wires and loudspeakers made it so that the White men speaking didn't have to shout so much. But they shouted anyway, to get points across, deliver the emotion that was needed to emphasize their mission. Racism as a core of capital growth was about to become a global issue. 50 years ago, WE Du Bois passed on.

Where are the people? Technology has made money but at what cost?..."


Good Posture (Exile 2015)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936
Remaining up to date on world economic, political and social events is not easy. With all of the corporate media channels and the distraction of many people who keep repeating this stuff, using it as a premise for real perspective, it is further complicated.

                         Bad Posture

The Levant
(as described by William Turner of England, 1820 in Journal of A Tour of The Levant vol. 1) comprised among other places, The Isle of Rhodes, Cyprus, Barout (Beirut)...Mount Lebanon, Sidon, Tyre, Acre, Nazareth, and the Sea of Gallilee, Samaria, To Jerusalem, Jaffa, Diametta, Rosetta, Suez, Mount Sinai and ... Alexandria.

Keeping the body's abdominal muscles toned depends on the lower back and shoulders being strong but flexible. What takes place in the realm of reports of what is going on globally is balanced with facts of history and culture.

There is no grasping the anti-federal government ideas of the Spains, Scotlands or Lebanons without basic information on the Druze, transnational Shia and Sunni muslims, Basques, Catalans the Picts or Moor domination (Southern and lower Northern Europe) of yesteryear.

There's no walking, much less running in the geopolitical olympics, if there isn't at the very least, good everyday posture.

16 September 2015
From Exile,

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Two Women Singing (Exile 2008)

"...If you have ever heard or sung 'O Canada', you say the usual anthem words like 'free'.

But there is also the word 'guard', about three times along with 'god' and 'glorious' and 'patriot'.

What complicates this is that another word, a phrase actually, 'native land' is in there.

It used to be a cynical laugh for us to stand for the Canadian anthem and then sit down for the US anthem at the Toronto Skydome..."


Media Guns & Empty Bowls (Exile 2012)

"....I've Got Mine Anyway"
Lowest Corn Forecast Since 1988 (USA)

Great media guns have been aimed at us. Staring down the barrel isn't the only option but it's difficult to look away.

Acceptance of a subhuman status is starvation of the self..."


Asking Questions (Exile 2014)

"...What is troubling about the question mark and comforting to some about the period? Is it the finality of the phrase, a sense of closure? The open ended nature of the question, the expanse of possibility is our joy and fear: the unknown is a trifle imposing, if not terrifying at times.

But some of us never want the questions to stop. Like nature itself, the unlimited surety of creation in it's free form enchants..."


What's Really Goin' On Pt4 (Exile 2005)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936
ExiledOne Commentary Archives feature from ten years ago! Hurricanes, Katrina being the devastating one in New Orleans, Louisiana's major city, exposed the raw underside of the USA reality. In this last of the radio script I wrote and read on live radio in Europe in the fall of 2005 I speak about solutions. Both I and the European on the technical board faced off against corporate media lies and distortions-and did in fact have to stand up against threats and intimidation tactics by the forces that don't like People Power. Guess what? We did what was necessary anyway! Below, Part Four, the final excerpt of African People In America: What's Really Goin' On.

Determination Will Make The Future Better

Part 4 People Power Is The Only Answer

The tv screens
in European countries send out images of destruction and suffering of the people in the US Gulf of Mexico Coast. In between there are adverts selling corporate product from America, or right here in Europe. The rulers of America, including a few brown faces allowed to say it keep saying it: America is a democracy, America is a democracy.

Do you believe it?

Do you believe the history in America as told to you by the CNN, History Channel and those people?

Or can ordinary persons have a dialogue about what goes on in America or even Europe?

I say we can do this ourselves!

The people you will never hear too much about are the people that are on the tv screen dying.

They are only shown suffering, crying and begging.

But our fight goes on, those who want the real picture are you and me.

And I thought that the program today would be a good start to seeing...

What's Really Goin' On with African People In America!

That's People Power, the only answer!

Thanks to ----------------------, the prisoners and their families and everyone!

End Part 4 And Article

From ExiledOne Commentary 2005

12 September 2015
From Exile,

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Jabbar Gibson, Poor Peoples' Bus Driver (Exile 2008)

"...About 3 years ago, Jabbar Gibson, then aged twenty, found some keys to a bus sitting in New Orleans as flood waters rose. He had no driver's license for the vehicle. Tens of thousands were at risk from drowning, typhoid fever, cholera and dehydration or starvation packed into stadiums. He started the engine and began inviting other stranded impoverished people to board the bus, driving to Houston, Texas, refueling three times from 75 passengers' donations. At the time of his heroism and at present, Jabbar has a criminal record and is reportedly in the New Orleans city prison in 2008..."


A To B (Exile 2010)

"...There’s talk of the dangers of going to and fro in Pakistan.

In some other zones, I had to get from point A to point B safely. I can think of various ways and means of going to get the basics needed for life, even a treat, all the while alert to dangers. Lots of people did and do such as a matter of course.

Gotta eat.

Three decades ago I started to appreciate the mental and physical toughness—and finesse of the people hidden from view except as stereotyped icons on America’s quadrillion, ever present televisions. Today, these screens have been unpleasantly fruitful and multiplied to the point that Big Brother (a tv program!?) is watched on hand held units, computer laptops and assorted gizmos this old man can’t fathom. If you are in possession of a computer you are actually a minority in the world. And if you don’t believe that, there’s not much I can say, you’re hooked on a fantasy..."


Nectar Of Human Spirit (Exile 2012)

"...But I'm not able to banish from from the here and now thoughts of one of nature's delights-any food, in fact-not passing the lips of prisoners in the USA. An environment of needless suffering and death is how the federal Washington government defined the California prison system holding 50% more people than it was designed for. It was at the Pelican Bay prison, a maximum security prison, where collectively organized hunger strikes began in mid 2011. By October, 12,000 meals had been refused by California prisoners. In time, the hunger strike had blanketed the state's more than 30 prisons and today in 2012 the prisoners' mediation team has gotten new regulations agreed to on paper from the California system. In Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio and other states, prisoners have also been on hunger strikes in the last year and a half..."


What's Really Goin' On Pt3 (Exile 2005)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936
ExiledOne Commentary Archives from 2005...the third part of
African People In America: What's Really Goin' On which was a script written for radio. The European producer translated my delivery into another language, at times. The fall of 2005 had most global news stations buzzing with the  idea that Africans in America did not actually possess what the USA government message constantly being manufactured. That myth had, until Hurricane Katrina, drowned out reality-that a measurable degree of freedom and Human Rights in the wake of the 1960s rebellions had been attained. One of the concerns shocking the world community was the stark poverty that large numbers of people face.  Part Three follows, diving into the matter and much more.

Part 3 The Breadbasket Is Empty

An idea of note is that the US agricultural machine produces a huge amount of food. It has been called the breadbasket of the world.

In most of Europe, simple items such as popcorn and peanuts are packaged in red, white and blue colored bags and glass jars. This is because the US has a virtual monopoly on these items. Besides that, a good many corporations in Europe just sport legendary local brand labels, American based multinationals rule over subsidiaries-Lay's, Heinz, Coca Cola, etc. Imagine the oil needed to package plastics, inks, to ship and fly so much product tens of thousands of kilometers over to not just Europe, but to Asia, Africa and anywhere a tv is!!

Why are people hungry in America?

And isn't the US fighting terror at home with Homeland Security, always ready to help it's people in case of disaster?

If you could take a trip with me to the US South you might be amazed. Or if you know something about the history of this part of the world, maybe not.

How are the Black people treated? African people there, my people, are only sometimes called Americans (there's a gun, go kill for America) but usually the words you might hear us referred to on your MTV: nigger.

If you rewind history's tape, we were in fierce rebellion a hundred and fifty years ago. Our people, africans were fighting again, as we had in the 1700s, the 1600s and back to the first slave ships that  people like Christopher Columbus sailed. Africans were forced to be captives. Crooks-Africans, Arabs and Europeans worked together to take Africans away from their homes to be exploited in North America, South America and Europe. Africans brought brains and muscles. Many railroads were built by Africans and plantations run by them. They worked for free for three hundred years.

Plantation, Louisiana

It is said that the Atlantic Ocean were drained it would be white with the skeletons of Africans who died on the thousands of ships carrying them in chains to the West.

In the US South, in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the former captives didn't ever get a breath of air after rebelling. The Southern White elites lost out to the Northern White elites in 1865 after a bloody war. Both wanted to be boss of the poor and the Black. And so, a hundred and fifty years after the fact of the decline of the Africans being exploited in the South, and then the fading industrial North, they are seen as worthy of the giant prison system America has. Bad schools and too few bad jobs can't satisfy human beings.

How can disabled as well as elderly and able people be left to live on hot roofs in the rising floods for four days? If the people got to a store, dying of thirst and hunger, why would they be called looters for breaking into food stores?

In the story of the 2005 disaster of New Orleans, there is also the terrible situation of the prisoners in prisons like Angola, which is a former plantation and subject of international Human Rights critiques. The Angola 2 remain locked up for political belief and fellow Black Panther Robert King Wilkerson spent 31 years in Angola prison until his release a few years ago. At least 500 women were brought to this prison of 5000, which was stuffed to fit 7000 human beings. Prisoners who would not be released drowned in their cells.

The truth is people criminalized by class, race and centuries of oppression don't get a crumb from America. If they do, they are supposed to be glad.

End Part 3

11 September 2015
From Exile,

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Heart Seed (Exile 2014)

"...After dividing and conquering, encouraging myths that the Whites were gods, Spain would lead the way in importing edible food plants into Europe from the Caribbean, South and North America and eventually 'maximized profits' by 'investments of the human kind', Indigenous and African human beings for sale. Food seeds, variously used by Indigenous peoples regionally or those opportunistically used by conquering Europeans (famine and potatoes, a South American tuber used by England for geopolitical reasons against Ireland) textile seeds such as cotton, all would impact world history. Today, Westerners relate blandly to the invaded earth's populations through so called brand names of the people: a Mohawk hair cut, a Cherokee jeep car. In time, humans were traded across the oceans of the world like donkeys and made to feel that they were such. From Mombasa or Elmina, music of the persecuted peoples' flowed to other continents, sweet and sour from ancient pods, enlivening new cultures. Globalized dehumanization is almost completely acceptable to many people today.."


Mississippi And The Necessary Ones (Exile 2015)

"...The Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, which used informers and spies in the Black Movement for Justice had to have been known by the FBI, two Kennedys, Johnson and the rest. Mississippi government operated it, millions of dollars were used against children and so called aspiring businesspeople and those trying to attend Ole Miss, Mississippi Southern and other universities. False arrests continued due to discrediting African people and to 'run them out' of the state, a goal of the racists from the 1800s. But other than a couple of so called exposés, this internal establishment that smells of the KKK is only today being admitted to have existed. The suffering of the people has deepened. Healthcare resembles that of Central American and African nations. The right to vote is being snatched away administratively and by refusing to let people who were in prison vote-for the rest of their lives. This globalized mechanism is assisted by the necessary strata of ex-captives in service to a desperate to be restored master. Bennie Thompson and Mike Espy are two modern day examples. Surely, some of the necessary spies and 'negro informants posing as activists' are still alive and breathing. Where Mississippi is critical is because it has always been at the heart of capitalism's growth. There is the river's key role, the doorway to the world at the Gulf of Mexico and how the building of the cotton kingdom that capitalist promoting Europeans could systematically manipulate, disrupting Indigenous and African nations worldwide..."


What's Really Goin' On Pt2 (Exile 2005)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936
ExiledOne Commentary Archives presents the second part of
African People In America: What's Really Goin' On from 2005 which was a radio broadcast I delivered in Europe. Here is the text I worked with. Ten years ago is not far into the past but for all oppressed peoples it has been a turbulent decade. No less so than for the Africans in the USA, who for the first time in decades were spoken of as refugees and who are again in the international spotlight.

Part 2 No Where To Go?

The hurricane and the aftermath in the city of New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have been the window in which the world has seen some of the real America. These are included in the poorest of 50 states. While the figureheads of US power like Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice and Cheney (all millionaires and oil investors) say they are protecting the world and the country from terroists, the facts say otherwise.

In mid October 2005, a month after the hurricanes, 600,000 people displaced from the storm have no where to live except in hotel rooms. And the cost of this is $11 Million a day. Many of these people are from formerly 80% Black New Orleans. "Fortunate" Whites paid around $385 a month for a trailer in the area, actually known as a "hurricane alley". In history, they are given a job a tiny bit higher in wage than us, the Africans. They are scattered across the US, even to Alaska, yet in Texas there are vacant buildings for 300,000 people. The government is supposed tobe managing a taxpayer funded agency, FEMA, the federal emergency management agency. Instead it has bills rising, to be paid to corporate friends owning hotels. All this while, the people, poor before the storm, poor throughout the hurricane, remain poor and without homes currently. Deaths and disappearances of relatives have reached into the thousands. This isn't "news". Repairing oil machinery is "news".

Supreme Ruler: Money

The UK, America's ally in the Iraq occupation, had 330,000 instant meals, the same that the British army eats, had its offer to feed the people rejected. The food sat in warehouses in Arkansas for a month. The US said it has banned British beef because of mad cow disease. 33,000 meals, from governments such as Spain, France Germany and Russia were also refused.

What is perhaps the most bizarre is that the meals being offered to other nations, the US doesn't want to give them to the impoverished people. In America.

End Part 2

10 September 2015
From Exile,

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18,000 Acres Of Hate (Exile 2008)

"...Regarding Louisiana, one of the American states unchanged much from it’s early 1800s White settler founding, even the newsmills of the Big Business kind begin muttering. The outright hostility of the White House toward the impoverished and the Indigenous and African people in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina has a little to do with this. At least a quarter of a million people have been displaced from the state's more than 4 million population, notably New Orleans, where government controlled apartments the poor lived in were destroyed and residents were barred from return.

But Angola Plantation will almost silence the press. Before you ask, here are some answers. Yes, it is a plantation of 18,000 acres, which is over 7200 hectares. This prison farm is twenty (20) times larger than New York City’s Central Park which separates inner Manhattan from Harlem. And yes, it is named for many Angolans and other Africans once made captive physically to create by blood sweat and tears the USA empire. 5000 men at least farm and raise soybeans, wheat, corn and cotton for officials, often related to the slavemasters who once ran it for pure profit. Prisoners, overwhelmingly African so called Americans, get a maximum 20 cents an hour in 2008 but often only 4 cents an hour. As was the case in the American growth of yesteryear, bodies of men, usually new, younger prisoners destined to be raped, are sold under the eye of White men on horseback and shotguns. Now of course, there are jeeps and Humvees, automatic rifles, mobile phones and Glock pistols and a few Black faces among the administration..."


I Am Migration Pt3 (Exile 2013)

"...As in many political discussions held about tense social issues, those at the core of migration/immigration/refugee dilemmas are often ignored. People who I have met, shared a life path with cannot be named here. There are many--we hurried along a street parallel to the main road of so called society. My own personal endurance, that of my wife, is not fully available for public knowledge..."


What's Really Goin' On Pt1 (Exile 2005)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936

From The ExiledOne Commentary Archives…..

The year 2005 was likely the highest profile year for African so called Americans since the early 1990s. Whether it is correct or not, the Human Rights violations of the USA bring the focus onto the people in a cycle. The corporate media and governments (each government in the world also tries to paint us with their own brush for political reasons both domestic and international) work to distort what is taking place. Above all, what is despised by so many individuals and corporate and political organizations is our speaking for ourselves.

ExiledOne Commentary was founded partially to counter this. International political viewpoints, when anchored in experience and research are a must for Africans in/from the USA. With that in mind, I set out to broadcast on radio in 2005 some critical points to be made concerning the situation of the people just after the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. My venue was a European capital, and with a daring European accepting the challenge, we got the word out. Below, the script for radio, Part One of African People In America: What's Really Goin' On

Part 1 Musically And Politically Speaking

Donny Hathaway asked in the famous song by Marvin Gaye, 'What's Goin' On', a 1970s soul song. But Donny, an African in america knew the tune spoke of war, corporate polluters, racism and personal freedoms to be oneself. He knew like those of us who listened that the bosses of the world would rather destroy life than allow life to bloom.

The system doesn't work. When we look at the situation of African people in America, commonly called African Americans, it is clear. It doesn't work for anyone, actually. It is an illusion. In times of the capitalist economy panic, like now, it is obvious. Even the rich, the Whites who have the racist skin privilege in America are upset. Capitalists need oil. The Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows and others who help the elite Whites want some too, want to be boss too. It will wreck nature, but they want luxury, not nature.

But look! The effort to get more oil by great use of force has failed.

See: Iraq invasion, 2003-present.

But in "Freedom Headquarters", the United States of America, there has always been a problem: Africans have always resisted being used for the growth of an unequal, inhuman system. the government and the society controlled by Whites have been at war with African people.

Today, to say that the US is racist and that it won't work for African people is a social crime.

To do something as simple as involving your people in food cooperatives, how to stop police brutality, keep the government schools from abusing children or learn of their culture, you can be harassed. All over the world. By the "finest democracy in the world", the American state.

I am one of those people who resisted and now I am not in America.

I am an African from America.

End Part 1

8 September 2015
From Exile,

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Louisiana: Before The Storm And Now (EY10 2006)

"...Louisiana sits at the mouth of the Mississippi, which extends  3800 km to Canada. De Soto of Spain encountered the Tunica and other far flung and established nations in the 1500s.

(Exclusively Yours from the 2006 ExiledOne Archives)

When French soldiers boldly called the land at the gulf of Mexico Louisiana, in 1682, after their king, Louis the 14th, it was to be a short lived outpost of Paris. The first Whites, Spanish, had been in the region a hundred years earlier. The nations of Indigenous people, including the Tunica, today may number less than a couple hundred people. Some have been eliminated as a group and even the language has been lost for decades. This was speeded up by infighting and taking sides with the French.

The French actually believed that their god and royalty could claim the land from the mouth of the Mississippi river to the land to be known as Canada, thousands of kilometers to the north. As they moved in to conquer (even the diseases brought from Europe killed) the peoples, they set up yet another region that Whites called the New World.

By the time that a settlement along the flood plains called New Orleans (Orleans, Bourbons and other terms referring to the long off homeland) came to be, (1718) France was in power...."


Storm In The Hub (Exile 2014)

"...Historians Will Note
Truths because of undeniable results

The guns were put away, stashed and many destroyed. After all, 90
million people had died in Europe in wars from the mid 1800s to the
mid 1940s. That was the idea following the war, 1939-45. Ten years
ago NATO defense of Europe (75% of it's military 'protection') was
paid for by the USA taxpayers. How much that bill is today might
anger some people. Israel is also funded and the biggest economic player,
Germany, is a society where opposition to Israeli injustice in Palestine is forbidden.
Yet the fury in mid 2014 is job related: Germany's Siemens worldwide employment cuts are at 12,000, Microsoft 18,000 (Finland alone to suffer 12,500 Microsoft linked
positions). The guns have fallen silent in Europe but it has helped
to fund wars and the 'democratization' of those it helps the USA
attack. In the 2014 Afghan elections, of the cost of organizing
elections, just $2.5 Million dollars out of the total $129 Million
dollars was not Western money. Europe claims to be a hub of democracy,
capitalism and good business..."


8th Year Reflections #2 (Exile 2015)

"...The elegy of not just the 20th century but that of the first fifth of the century we call "21" can be written. Do we have time to do this? That could be the question as states crumble and morph while the elites dangle puppets of the political, economic and military variety in our faces. Monuments of stone being wrecked in any society can be considered horrible. Yet isn't that what has been done to some peoples lands and precious sacred items by some of the howlers isn't discussed often. That's how they got the capability, in "21", to scream the loudest while stifling the screams of others, in fact create an index on whose scream is most meaningful..."


Back To Class (Exile 2015)
Aaron Douglas, Aspirations, 1936
School is back in session.

Getting to grips with the current state of affairs geopolitically is complicated. This is partly because we have to take time to first get the basics for the dinner table, keep the lights on and such. Still, learning has to go on, reviewing what is already published, if that's the case. Still the rarity of the scholarly world of the West reaching the grassroots does occur. Though it was an effort, I looked for opportunities as a young person (teens) to obtain information that was cutting edge. Beyond that, I can say that I have put forward energy to propagating what I feel is useful. I had been introduced to the work of Ivan Sertima (1935-2009) and even though I never exchanged more than a few words with him in person, his academic accomplishments had an impact on me. This meant I utilized his books and lectures in community centers and schools across several USA states and cities for almost two decades (principally Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, and Trenton, NJ) and then internationally. It means that I challenged the USA universities and fellow students to have materials then seen as 'radical and strange' included in our homes, schools and communities or what was left of them. I helped to distribute the books and materials throughout my twenties and early thirties.

Below, a few facts essential to educating African people and anyone who wants a more balanced view of the history of the world and how Europeans gained elite status. This may also be helpful in putting some perspective into the current global happenings. Inequality is growing across the world (some of the greatest gaps in Africa) and the exponential increase in those having to flee where their roots are to the places that are 'democratic and developed' is astounding but predictable.

Cataract Surgery

At Djenne, Mali cataract surgery was pioneered.
This was performed in the 1300s. This predated any other people doing this in any society on earth.

Successful Caesarian Birth

In Africa, this was performed before Europeans did successfully because the Africans used antiseptics they had developed.

The European doctors only washed their hands with water.

These medical facts are mostly unknown to the world public, who do not study world medical history.

7 September 2015
From Exile,

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Africa's 1984 DS4 (Exile 2014)

"...Does Africa face an Orwellian 1984? Any number of Big Brother depictions are ongoing in the approach to the third of a century mark. Is that getting too far ahead, 2035? Does Barack Obama's AFRICOM strategic push extend that far? What of EUCOM, the Americans' network of bases and operations for 'protection' of Europe that is far flung (Ireland to Azerbaijan)? The USA marines and American national guard have in recent years conducted 'war games' and 'training missions' along with armed forces from Romania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. Germany is the launch pad for AFRICOM & EUCOM and Angela Merkel has slowly expanded to support France in Africa-shades of the Rommel years. Is France unwilling to let China's corporate elite stroll right in to their economic strongholds never entirely relinquished 75 years after Ahmed Sekou Touré and others grouped together to oust Paris? Mali and Libya in the 21st century are repeatedly in the gunsights. Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Turkey and any number of Eurasian, Asian and European states are banking on further profits. Africans are striving to educate themselves and end the dependency. But, how is that accomplished? Long term visions for African people, wherever they are living, can only assist the growth and development (as much as possible on the peoples' terms) of the African continent itself. An issue of crucial importance is the phenomenon of waves of migration-it can be divided into some various sections: fleeing from war, economic, ethnic, religious and gender or sexual orientation persecution. Europe is a destination...."


Brazil Reflection & Invitation Pt2 (Exile 2014)

"...The Urbanized South & Southeast Regions: Home To 100 Million

"And we've discovered three places off Africa that take you automatically to America. There's one off the Cape Verde, one off the Senegambia and one off the southern coast of Africa. Once you are caught in those currents, you have to come to America, unless the fish get you first. Whether you have an engine or not, the water is the engine. It's very powerful. And it's exactly where those currents end where we find the African presence. It goes to Mexico, it goes to other parts of America, it goes to Brazil."

A quote from Ivan Van Sertima (1935-2009), who also documented the finding of a skeleton of a 'negroid' (African) woman, named by archeologists Luiza (1975, carbon dating in the late 1990s). The location was Lapa Vermelha in Minas Gerais state and has been noted at 12,500 years old, the oldest in the Americas, more ancient than any Indigenous or Amerindian remains in the Western hemisphere.

Besides the suffering, new light on Brazil's origins are emerging. Long depicted as both a multiracial 'nonracial' society that just happened to have Whites from across the world in control of the country, new definitions and linkages are developing. As in all so called democracies, there will be times of revolt and possibly revolution against the status quo. How people define class and race, gender and other ideas will help the process along. Politicans have ranged from fascist to left wing and all must grapple with the police state, drug cartels and the people that are largely poor and caught in the net. Perception is everything. Whose side are they on?..."



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